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2014 Activities
Dec 7 added Software e-mails Dec-02-2014 and a few more days
Nov 9 added Tony Sale Award from the Computer Conservation Society
Oct 4 added a guide to IBM 1401 programming by Daniel D. McCracken, 1962
to index.html#1401-Software and 1401SoftwDevel.html#Reference
July 25 Replaced the ILDs photographed by Carl Claunch with
ILDs scanned by Al Kossow. See here down about 5 items.
added A Haanstra story - from Charles Branscomb
June 6 added 1401-ILDs - 15 MB, photographed by Carl Claunch
The IBM 1401, its internal use of "qui-binary"
Feb 9 Reorganized "E-Mails - 1401 Language Processors on Magnetic Tape"
Added Porting ROPE to the MAC Ron Mak and Michael Albaugh Feb 9, 2014
Feb 7 added how to attach peripherals to a ROPE simulation - the printer is attached by default -
Jan 9 added stories by Simon Barratt and Alan Kay

2013 Activities
Dec 10 Towards Fixing SMS Cards including Grant Saviers' proposed SMS card tester
Nov 21 1401 Room open any time museum is open
Demo day is Wednesday 3:00 to 3:30
added C24-1404-3 1401 Installation Manual Jan 1962, 16 MB .pdf
added 1401 OEM Information - 1961 - 1.3 MB .pdf
added IBM Customer Engineering Manual of Instruction 729, II, III, IV - 223-68-6845 - 1958, 5 MB
added SMS Card Drawings unlabled, 10 MB
Nov 1 added IBM's Terminology, 'Rosetta Stone' by Carl Claunch
Oct 20 added LOGIC FAMILIES IN THE 1401 by Carl Claunch
Sept 19 added How much tab room equipment could an IBM 1401 replace?
June 26 added Exhibit Status
June 12 added German System Exceptions
April 11 added World Inventory of IBM 1401 Machines, linked from 1401 Inventory/location
Mar 2 added A "computer music" trailer
Jan 30 added IBM cards used round holes until the early 1930s, then rectangular holes

2012 Activities
December 2 added into Unit Record - "Who Invented the 80 column, Rectangular Hole Punched Card?" by Jim Strickland, 450 KByte .pdf HTML version
December 2 added Magnetic Tape Media
Nov 22 added Maintenance Comments
June 30added to 1401 Competition, mainly the Honeywell 200 with Liberator software
June 4added to and "re-organized" 1401 Competition, mainly the Honeywell 200 with Liberator software
Feb 22added e-mails and emulation files to 1401 Emulation in 360
Feb 21Re-organized RPG and added FARGO
Feb 11Re-organized
1401 Music, Sounds, and Movies and added several links to Jˇhann Jˇhannsson's IBM 1401 musical activities.
Jan 22Completely re-organized what had been Simulator Status into
1401 Software Development, available for use on a PC :-))
( Now even I can follow it :-))

Truncated here - back one year is enough :-))

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