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IBM 1401 Restoration Project
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2019 Activities
Feb 24, 2019 Added Technical Overview & Details
Feb 6, 2019 Added Lozenge e-mails, 14 of 'em
Jan 22, 2019 links here -
Why 132 Columns?, Analysis by Ken Ken Shirriff Dec 22, 2019
Jan 11, 2019 added - external link Morse/1401 demo by Michael Albaugh
link just below here
Jan 6, 2019 I have added links the websites of the card images to
Card images, Whittemore , Scott, Jones, Fischer ( 2nd entry down)
Jan 6, 2019 I have been reminded by a viewer that I haven't updated this page for a while.
Sorry, will improve - until I forget again. (Hopefully not until a further 5 years or so)

2018 Activities
Aug 16 Tabulating Equipment and Work Measurement by U.S. Dept. Commerce, Bur. of the Census
linked from Unit-Record-Equipment
July 1 FARGO FARGO, Fourteen-O-One Automatic Report Generating Operation language
May 10 Fortran Geezer Visit sched June 10, 2018
April 28 (Revised for easier access)
Show the pages inPreventative Maintenance as found in Customer Engineering 1401 Pocket Reference Manual IBM Form 56 389
into the following sections:
- 1401 Processor - Prev. Maint., in 1401-CE_Pocket-Ref-Man-56-389, page 28
- 1402 Card Reader/Punch - Prev. Maint., in 1401-CE_Pocket-Ref-Man-56-389, page 29+
- 1403 printer - Prev. Maint., in 1401-CE_Pocket-Ref-Man-56-389, page 32+
- 1406 Memory - Prev. Maint., in 1401-CE_Pocket-Ref-Man-56-389, page 28
- 729 tapes - Prev. Maint., in 1401-CE_Pocket-Ref-Man-56-389, page 38+
April 24 Added Some Docent Reports, 2018
March 26 Added Documation Card Reader-PC-USB-Knittel
linked from index.html#UR-Reader
March 21 Added Fortran Geezer Visit - scheduled for Sunday 10 June, 2018
linked from index.html#FORTRAN
March 19 a 1401 has been found, in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan 28 Marc purchased an IBM 728 Mod 1 backplane (from Ireland?).
The cards from this backplane are available as spares. More than 11 card types used in our 1401 systems now have spares.

2017 Activities
Dec 15 added Core Memory problem - Dec 2017, from Ken Shirriff
linked from here
Dec 15 added "Disassembly" to Peaking Coils
Dec 1 added An OS for the 1401 from Roberto Sancho Villa
Oct 16 added We Get Mail
Oct 4 added Presentations to, awards from, Computer Conservation Society (CCS) (London)
Sept 30 added a 1401 system in museum in Bengaluru, India
August 28 added Sort7 code, listing, object deck
July 11 added "Software" before stored program computers.
and SMS Card Tester at TechWorks! from Carl Claunch
May 23 added SMS Logic Levels
May 17 added IBM 1401 Timing Charts - 48 MBytes
and linked from here
    IBM Manuals, third entry down.
also added FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
May 13 added Ongoing Maintenance Photos
More Demo Photos,
May 11 added - How to Re-Ink 026 Ribbons
IBM 026 Printing Mechanism
March 14 added COBOL e-mails now with working code and demo
Feb 22 added SPS object cards and disassembly from Van Snyder
and COBOL e-mails
Feb 17 added WeirdParts - a QUALITATIVE-MODEL-PROPOSAL

2016 Activities
Sept 16 TAU (Tape Adapter Unit) e-mails
Aug 10 Wall Circuit Breaker for Pacific Power 50 Hz converter
July 16 Questions and Answers about the 1401 IPL (Initial Program Load)
June 21 New Workshop
May 1 Inside card sorters by Ken Sherriff (May 2016)
April 14 The 729 tape drive clutch brush problem seems solved :-))
April 1 1401 Character Sets
March 30 start of Weird Parts (transistors) meetings

Truncated here :-))

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