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2017 Activities
March 14 added COBOL e-mails now with working code and demo
Feb 22 added SPS object cards and disassembly from Van Snyder
and COBOL e-mails
Feb 17 added WeirdParts - a QUALITATIVE-MODEL-PROPOSAL

2016 Activities
Sept 16 TAU (Tape Adapter Unit) e-mails
Aug 10 Wall Circuit Breaker for Pacific Power 50 Hz converter
July 16 Questions and Answers about the 1401 IPL (Initial Program Load)
June 21 New Workshop
May 1 Inside card sorters by Ken Sherriff (May 2016)
April 14 The 729 tape drive clutch brush problem seems solved :-))
April 1 1401 Character Sets
March 30 start of Weird Parts (transistors) meetings

2015 Activities
October 20 Fixing the core memory in a vintage IBM 1401 mainframe
linked from 1406 Memory by Ken Shirriff
October 16 49 Manuals
linked from 1401 System, Patents, Docs scanned by Ken Shirriff
Sept 28 1402 group mark mystery switches solved from Ken Shirriff
Sept 12 Added The 1401 Console from Ken Shirriff
Sept 11 Added Ken Shirriff's info and Stan Paddock's comments to 1401 Special Features
Sept 7 Added "Solid State in '58" - the "quote"
Answers to unanswered 1401 questions
Latest edition - IBM 1401, A Modern Theory of Operation, by Guy Fedorkow, Latest update - Sept 7, 2015
Sept 6 Added Peaking Coil from Guy Fedorkow
Notes on the address modifier from Ken Shirriff
IBM 1401 core memory from Ken Shirriff
August 28 Added e-mails about About 1401 Design Memos
linked from 1401 Processor
and added a link from same place to A Selection of 1401 Documents
hopefully when more documents arise, we can organize them a little better.
August 27 Added
SPACE-PrelimDescription-June1958 6.5 megabytes
SPACE-Expansion-Oct1958 1 megabytes
linked from 1401Origins - Early - 1401 History: Stored Program Accounting and Calculating Equipment (SPACE)
August 22 Added 1402, Read Check Recovery from
July 9 Added IBM 1402 Operation Overview by Ken Shirriff
June 30 Added 1402 Card Reader interacting with Core Memory
June 18 Added a few pages from Share Song Book 1986 - with 1401 mention at top
June 18 Added:
1402 Reader Punch Service Index 229-4016-1
1402 Card Read Punch Wiring Diagram Serial# 20611
1402 Card Read-Punch CE Reference Man S31-0150
1403 Printer System Diagrams Serial# 13504
June 16 Added 1403 letter vs hammer Animation by Ken Shirriff
June 4 Added Instruction Logic by T. Mierswa, Nov. 1960 - linked from near here
May 27 Serial Numbers and Options for "our" 1401s
IBM 1401, A Modern Theory of Operation linked from here - about 3rd down
May 13 Assembly of IBM 729-V Tape Drive Vacuum Pump
May 5 WWAM Patents
Apr 23 IBM SMS card database from Ken Shirriff
linked from SMS Cards, here
Apr 6 e-mails about Joe Logue, Max Paley, Vince Learson, Bob Evans, ..., & gold plated contacts, wirewrap, ...
Mar 28 link A Description & Assessment by Ken Shirriff
linked from near here
Mar 20 four letter threads with Alan Kay and 1401 added to Other Stories
Mar 16 Much has been added to Germanium Alloy Transistors
added - and a Small C cross compiler?
Mar 5 added Demo Programs as of March 5, 2015 linked from near Demo Planning, Demo Software, Education
Feb 16 Much has been added to Germanium Alloy Transistors
Feb 10 added IBM 1402 Reader/Punch Maintenance pictures and a bit of history
Jan 14 added Various 1401 Models
Jan 14 added Esoteric Factoids You hope you will never need to know ;-))
Jan 14 added Van Snyder's 1401 Programming Hints
Jan 14 added 9 Detailed pictures of the WWAM in the French lab
Jan 9 added 1401 Tiny Basic would you believe ??

2014 Activities
Dec 19 added more WWAM photos
Dec 7 added Software e-mails Dec-02-2014 and a few more days
Nov 9 added Tony Sale Award from the Computer Conservation Society
Oct 4 added a guide to IBM 1401 programming by Daniel D. McCracken, 1962
to index.html#1401-Software and 1401SoftwDevel.html#Reference
July 25 Replaced the ILDs photographed by Carl Claunch with
ILDs scanned by Al Kossow. See here down about 5 items.
added A Haanstra story - from Charles Branscomb
June 6 added 1401-ILDs - 15 MB, photographed by Carl Claunch
The IBM 1401, its internal use of "qui-binary"
Feb 9 Reorganized "E-Mails - 1401 Language Processors on Magnetic Tape"
Added Porting ROPE to the MAC Ron Mak and Michael Albaugh Feb 9, 2014
Feb 7 added how to attach peripherals to a ROPE simulation - the printer is attached by default -
Jan 9 added stories by Simon Barratt and Alan Kay

Truncated here - back one year is enough :-))

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