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IBM 1401 Restoration Project
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2017 Activities
May 23 added SMS Logic Levels
May 17 added IBM 1401 Timing Charts - 48 MBytes
and linked from here
    IBM Manuals, third entry down.
also added FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
May 13 added Ongoing Maintenance Photos
More Demo Photos,
May 11 added - How to Re-Ink 026 Ribbons
IBM 026 Printing Mechanism
March 14 added COBOL e-mails now with working code and demo
Feb 22 added SPS object cards and disassembly from Van Snyder
and COBOL e-mails
Feb 17 added WeirdParts - a QUALITATIVE-MODEL-PROPOSAL

2016 Activities
Sept 16 TAU (Tape Adapter Unit) e-mails
Aug 10 Wall Circuit Breaker for Pacific Power 50 Hz converter
July 16 Questions and Answers about the 1401 IPL (Initial Program Load)
June 21 New Workshop
May 1 Inside card sorters by Ken Sherriff (May 2016)
April 14 The 729 tape drive clutch brush problem seems solved :-))
April 1 1401 Character Sets
March 30 start of Weird Parts (transistors) meetings

Truncated here :-))

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