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Summary of Meeting between John Hollar
and 1401/PDP-1 restoration teams,
July 5, 2016

Here’s a summary of the meeting between John Hollar and the 1401/PDP-1 restoration teams, July 5, 2016:

Present: John Hollar, Katharina McAllister, Robert Garner, Lyle Bickley, Stan Paddock, Frank King, Ron Williams, Ed Thelen, Glenn Lea, Bill Flora, George Ahearn, Iggy Menendez, Ron Crane, Carl Claunch, Marc Verdiell, David Lion, Dave Bennet

  1. John began by giving a heart-felt apology and feeling of deep embarrassment from himself (and on behalf of his staff) for letting down and not involving the volunteer restoration teams in the planning and decision processes for the new Make Software exhibit and education classroom(s). He also noted how much the CHM values the donation and dedication of volunteer’s personal time.

  2. John mentioned that there are demanding and stringent code upgrade activities as part of the construction project, including a tearing up and inspection of building sewage lines to the city and an expansion of the women’s restroom (that shares a wall with the new restoration workshop).

  3. Stan asked about the possibility of continuing to use the existing workshop space for as long as practical. John noted that it would be highly unsafe and in violation of the city building permit to do so during the construction period.

  4. John outlined several proposals for a temporary work area for a small repair work and seating area for the next 3 months. The restoration team clarified their needs — not for socialization per se — but for a workbench and seating area were small repair work can be done with several volunteers present. (Large mechanical repair work can be done the loading dock caged area.) Frank made a request for use of the "Babbage Closet”, being near the demo labs, out of the public areas, of sufficient size for small repair work, and could seat 4-6 volunteers. This idea was well received.

  5. Moving details for the large PDP-1 cabinet, the Galaxy video arcade game cabinet, and the RAMAC file cabinet were discussed. The latter two cabinets could likely be moved off site (and thus not subtract from storage space in the new workshop.) Logistics for transferring cabinets and items from the workshop into the loading dock caged area were discussed.

  6. For reconciliation, Ed suggested that perhaps the CHM staff could be compelled, like traffic violation "driver safety classes”, to participate in “volunteer engagement programs.” Robert bolstered the suggestion: similar to community service sentences, CHM staff could be obliged to spend an hour interacting with restoration volunteers every quarter.

  7. John offered that a 1401 and PDP-1 representative (Robert & Lyle) attend his monthly extended staff meetings (last Thursday of the month). John also committed to meet with the restoration volunteer team quarterly.

  8. John emphasized that Katharina McAllister is the volunteer restoration team's proper and principal interface with the CHM.
There was general applause as John Hollar left the room.

Thanks everyone for pulling together, helping out and hanging in there during this transition period,

- Robert, Ed, Lyle