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Venders and things we have purchased Simcoe Imaging Supply, LLC. 1-877-292-2888 Premium compatible ribbons for IBM 026. 6 @ at $9.00 ea = $54. + shipping
Office Depot - fan-fold computer printer paper - Computer Paper, 1 Part, 20 Lb., 14 7/8" x 11", Non-Perforated, Bond, 1/2" Green Bar, Box Of 2,300 Sheets 1-800-463-3768 customer # 40728325 item number 813212 also see for 14 4/7"x11" 813220, 940890, 940825, 901662 practically next day delivery (maybe 2 days?) no fuss, no muss it just arrived :-))
Digikey - just fine :-)) little electronic things
(Allen Palmer from TricksForBelts.html "Belt Source - November 6, 2004 I just ordered 20 '729' reel drive belts from S&C Supply Co. 1700 Martin Ave Santa Clara 408 727 4327. He owns a company that supplies drive belts, gears etc., most everything for power transmission.. He did not have my belts in stock but called the supplier in LA & had them shipped up in two Days. He recognized CHM & said he has sold belts to us before. Allen J Palmer" )
From: "Tseng, Albert" < atseng @ caltech . edu > Date: Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 9:18 PM To: Marc Verdiell Marc Verdiell < curiousmarc @ gmail . com > Subject: RE: IBM 129 Punch Ribbon/Belt ... The measurements that came back were that the main drive belt is probably a 182XL050 (91 teeth, 1/5in pitch, 1/2in wide) and the secondary idler belt is a 142XL037 (71 teeth, 1/5in pitch, 3/8in wide). The punch clutch belt is probably a 2L230, which matches the one on the 1401 site for the 029 punch clutch belt. Iíve ordered some off of ebay, once they arrive Iíll check if they fit. If they do, could you add an entry to the 1401 site with this info for other people that might run into this problem? Thanks, Albert ---------------------- and on Oct 25th 2021 The belts arrived, I must've miscounted the number of teeth on the 142XL belt bc it's slightly too large, but the 2L230 and 182XL050 fit perfectly. They are a bit loud and are a bit tighter than the original belts but I'm going to assume that's bc they're new and not worn in yet. ----------- and answering query of where purchased -------- I bought the XL belts from offroadbelts since they had free shipping. I'm not sure if their belts are high quality or not but now that I know those belts fit I'm not worried about supply issues since I can always buy more. The 2L230 belt I got from Belt Palace which has its own webstore.
(Robert Garner and Grant Saviers buys lots of stuff from e-bay)