Subject: Re: request to post document - was RE: IBM transistors and SMS cards?
Date:	Tue, Nov 30, 2010 12:07 pm
Cc:	...

Hello Ed and David,
Thanks for checking with me on the permission to use the Transistor Museum material 
describing early germanium computer transistors.  

I would be more than pleased to have this material accessed through the 1401 web addresses 
you mention in your email.  I have long been impressed by the work done at the CHM 
and have enjoyed the contacts with David.  Also, Ed your comp-hist material 
has been a great resource for otherwise unobtanium information on computers. 
 Just let me know if you need any additional response from me to allow use of the pdf. 
I will respond to your musings below regarding 12 years from first point contact 
to IBM 1401- I'll follow up in the next day or so with my thoughts on this topic.
Best regards,
Jack Ward