Sindelfingen Access

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From Van Snyder - vsnyder at mls dot jpl dot nasa dot gov

Mike, Robert:

Haus zur Geschichte der IBM Datenverarbeitung is in Sindelfingen, about 20km southwest of Stuttgart, at Bahnhofstrasse 43, on the northeast corner of Neckarstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse. At this corner, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Strasse passes northwest-to-southeast as well. The entrance to the parking lot is at the east end of the building. There's an intimidating gate there that looks like it needs a card key or something, but there's just a doorbell button to raise the gate.

It's easy to get to from the A81/E41 autobahn. Take a look at

It's also two blocks east of the bus station, which is convenient if you're not driving. All along the south side of Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Strasse, both east and west of HzG, is the largest Mercedes-Benz factory, which my son wants to visit when we're there next week (also the Porsche and Mercedes museums around the northeast side of Stuttgart).

You can't just walk up to HzG and knock on the door. You need to make an appointment. Contact one of these guys. Use my name if you wish. I'll warn them to expect to hear from you.

Rolf Ziegler Ziegler-boeblingen at t-online dot de Hans Spengler hwspbb at t-online dot de Werner Seebode Werner at familie-seebode dot de Heinz Oberle HOberle at t-online dot de

They like to run a demo program, which I've given to CHM, that runs four tapes, the printer, and the 1311, under control of sense switches and a configuration card.

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