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Our Usage Of SMS Cards
in our 1401, 1406, 729II or 729V gates

from Jim Hunt, March 3, 2010, May 20, 2010

This is a table of all known SMS card types that appear in our 1401, 1406, 729II or 729V gates.
There are a couple other cards that are identical to cards listed here, but have new names.
Later machines have the newer cards installed instead of the older named cards.

1) The AEM 370087 card is a replacement for the AQU 370833 card. Same circuit, same transistors.
The German 1406 has all AEM where 01A1 has all AQU.

2) The AEL card is a replacement for the AQV card. Same circuit, same transistors.

3) The AKA card is a replacement for the AQW card. same transistors, 1 more capacitor.
The German 1406 had 1 AKA, installed crooked, cracked card, replaced with AQW in 2009.

4) The AEF card is a replacement for the AQX card. Same circuit, same transistors.
The German 1406 has 3 AEF and 1 AQX in 06B1

5) The AEC card is a low speed AEN card. Same circuit, same transistors.
Only change is R16, 16K or 18K. Two big drivers and two fuses on card.

6) The YGL card is a replacement for QU card in the 1401 power supply area.

2JMX140151370144dual 4 way nandsms
3JMX140151370141dual 4 way nor, no loadssms
4JMX140154370142dual 4 way norsms
6JXD140123370089cable driversms
AAF14012371884Universal Delaysms
AAZU729II63712062 way &, out of phase loadsbbb
AAZV729II13712052 way &, in phase loadsbbb
AAZW729II103712042 way &, both loadsbbb
ABZU729II23712152 way |, out of phase loadsbbb
ABZV729II13712142 way |, in phase loadsbbb
ABZW729II83712132 way |, both loadsbbb
ACW729II7370100preamp #3totb
ACX729II7370099preamp #4totb
ACYZ729II13712193 way &, in phase loadsbbb
ACZA729II33712183 way &, both loadsbbb
ADB140142373000DOUBLEWIDE address cardsms
ADF14014372375(missing page) 
ADYY729II13712303 way P, out of phase loadsm2ald
ADYZ729II33712293 way P, in phase loadsm2ald
ADZA729II23712283 way P, both loadsm2ald
AEA14019371929Load Cardsms
AEC1401==371940Hammer Driver, see aensms
AED14019371946HS Triggersms
AEF1401==371947see aqxsms
AEL1401==370088see aqvhwck
AEM1401==370087see aqusms
AEN140166371415HS Hammer driver, see aecsms
AEWY729II1371238N line comp. emitter followerbbb
AJH01B52370429PS cardhwck
AJT14013370564AAs diodessms
AK729V1371241coupling networks, N and Pafrtc
AKA1401==370427see aqwhwck
AKB14012370425Thermal Switches 22,29,35Csms
AKC14012370426memory emitter resistorssms
AMZX729II4371202N to P conv., out of phase ldsbbb
AMZY729II7371201N to P conv., in phase loadsbbb
AMZZ729II12371200N to P converter, both loadsbbb
ANZX729II1371211P to N conv., out of phase ldsbbb
ANZZ729II9371209P to N converter, both loadsbbb
APE729V6370639N to S converterafrtc
APF729V3370640P to S converterafrtc
APG729V2370641echo pulse line converterafrtc
APH729V2370642S to P converterafrtc
AQ729II4371031P to S converterbbb
AQU140138370833decoder #2, see aemsms
AQV140112370834Z driver, 12V, see aelsms
AQW14017370835current source #2, see akasms
AQX14018370836sense amp, see aefsms
AR729II/V14371034Voltage Mode Trigger 1bbb
ARK729V7370706Tape Preamp #1afrtc
ARL729V7370707Tape Preamp #2afrtc
AX729II1371040single shot timing card #2m2ald
AYWS729II/V14371041Gated Sample Pulse Driver 2bbb
BGWC729II4371428W to N Integratorsbbb
BGWD729II2371427W to P Integratorsbbb
BH729II1371431EOR photosensem2ald
BJ729II/V14371432Lumped Delay Lineafrtc
BKVX729II33714353 relay light driversm2ald
BKVY729II23714343 prolay driversm2ald
BKVZ729II/V2371433Prolay read gateafrtc
BN729II2371438load point photosensorm2ald
BS729II10371442neon driverm2ald
CAC14015371922+ & gatesms
CD729V11371029Inverters, N typeafrtc
CE729II1371032PNP Emitter Followerm2ald
CEA140183719441usec lumped delaysms
CED140113370145cable terminatorssms
CEE1401253701403 way & gatesms
CEH140127370139NPN latchsms
CEK14013370143PNP latchsms
CEM140131370357T latchsms
CEYB729II/V4371032Emitter Follower PNPbbb
CFYA729II2371033NPN Emitter Followerm2ald
CG1401303712632 way -&, no loadsbbb
CGVV1401403712622 way -&, 1 loadbbb
CGVW1401273712612 way -&, 2 loadsbbb
CGWW1401533712512 way -&, all loadsbbb
CH1401613712662 way +&, no loadsbbb
CHVV1401393712652 way +&, 1 loadbbb
CHVW1401403712642 way +&, 2 loadsbbb
CHWW1401573712522 way +&, all loadsbbb
CJVU1401353712673 way +&, 1 loadbbb
CJWF14011133712683 way &, no loadssms
CJWV1401183712533 way -&, 2 loadsbbb
CJYC1401793710713 way -&, 2 loads, Ext inputbbb
CKVU1401453712693 way +&, 1 loadbbb
CKWF1401813712703 way &, no loadssms
CKWV1401173712543 way +&, 2 loadsbbb
CKYC1401593710723 way +&, 2 loads, Ext inputbbb
CLVQ140160371255Extender and Limitter Cardbbb
CLVR1401128371075Extender and Limitter Cardbbb
CLVS140113371074Extender and Limitter Cardbbb
CLVT140145371073Extender and Limitter Cardbbb
CM14012371256CM to CTDL Networksms
CNWT140127371260Emitter Follower NPNbbb
CNWU14012371258U to T Converterbbb
CPWT140122371259Emitter Follower PNPbbb
CPWU14013371257T to U Converterbbb
CQ140130371273T to U Converter, no loadsbbb
CQYG140126371278T to U Converter, 1 loadsbbb
CQZT140156371272T to U Converter, 2 loadsbbb
CQZV140170371271T to U Converter, 4 loadsbbb
CR140123371276U to T Converter, no loadsbbb
CRYG140116371277U to T Converter, 1 loadbbb
CRZT140151371275U to T Converter, 2 loadsbbb
CRZV140160371274U to T Converter, 4 loadsbbb
CY140122371542Power Inverterbbb
DAB14011371924DTDL & gatesms
DAC729V13719513 way inverter #2afrtc
DAX729V13700842 way inverter, no loadsafrtc
DAZ14011370127Oscillator, 240kcsms
DBZ14014370385P line convertersms
DCK14012370468N line convertersms
DEF14015370216quad 2 way NANDsms
DEG14012370217quad 2 way NAND, no loadssms
DEJ14011370219three 3 way NAND, no loadssms
DFJ140111370232load cardsms
DFQ14016370225inverting driversms
DGP14017370343clock -& gatesms
DGQ14018370342clock +& gatesms
DGS140113370347lamp driversms
DGT1401213703802 way nandssms
DGU1401153703792 way nands, no loadssms
DGV1401133703783 way nandssms
DGW140193703773 way nands, no loadssms
DGX1401183703765 way nandssms
DGY1401123703755 way nands, no loadssms
DGZ14011837037310 way nandsms
DHA1401737037410 way nand, no loadsms
DHC140110370372inverters, no loadssms
DHE14015370262single shot sms
DHF140115370350Trigger, Driversms
DHG14017370351R and W regsms
DHH14014370358twin 4 way NOR, no loadssms
DHJ14014370352parity #4sms
DHK14017370349latch, gated outputsms
DKA14018370443current driversms
DZA14017372359sense amp and detectorsms
FP14014371453resistors 40.2ohmsms
FT14011371405Crystal Osc. (360KC)bbb
FW140112371490transistor switchessms
GJ140118371501General Purpose Filter Cardbbb
GK14012371533Cable Decouple Cardbbb
HN14018371463R/W drivers. VMsms
HW729V2371048Voltage Mode Indicator Drvrbbb
JB14011371245oscillator, 10KCsms
JF14013371579T to U Conv., no loads, HSbbb
JFVA14012371578T to U Converter, 1 load, HSbbb
JFVN140112371577T to U Converter, 1 load, HSbbb
JFVP140112371576T to U Converter, 4 loads, HSbbb
JG140183715832 way -&,, no loads, HSbbb
JGVV140173715822 way -&,, 1 load, HSbbb
JGVW140143715812 way -&,, 2 loads, HSbbb
JGWW1401203715802 way -&,, 4 loads, HSbbb
JH1401133715863 way -&,, no loads, HSbbb
JHVU1401123715853 way -&,, 1 loads, HSbbb
JHWV140183715843 way -&,, 2 loads, HSbbb
JJ14011371590U to T Conv., no loads, HSbbb
JJVA14018371589U to T Converter, 1 load, HSbbb
JJVN14017371588U to T Converter, 2 loads, HSbbb
JJVP140110371587U to T Converter, 4 loads, HSbbb
JLVB140189371077Logic Inverter PNP, HSbbb
JMVB1401102371079Logic Inverter NPN, HSbbb
JN140114371081Trigger Extender Card, HSbbb
JZ140123371082Trigger 2, HSbbb
KA140129371546High Current Driver, HSbbb
LQ729II1371499relay light driver 48vm2ald
LZ729II/V14371674Head Driver, echo pulse amp.afrtc
MD729V8371497Coil Driversafrtc
MH729V4371487inverter, power PNPafrtc
MX729V373716612 way inverterafrtc
NB14016371591Single Shot Trig.(T input), HSbbb
NC14017371592Single Shot Trig.(U input), HSbbb
NGTF140111371635Integrator, U and Tsms
NGXX14014371996Integrator, U and Tsms
NM729V2371666Integrator, diode inputm5ald
NT14011371671difference amplifiersms
NU14016371676Power Inverter PNPbbb
NW14018371598resistor short cardsms
PP140160371365emitter follower PNPsms
PQ140155371370emitter follower NPNsms
QC14014371633magnetic clutch driversms
QD140142371078relay driversms
QG729V1371679meter cardhwck
QH729V1371680meter cardhwck
QT02A51371655PS cardhwck
QU02A42371656PS cardhwck
RK14011371788Crystal Osc. (347.5KC)sms
RP729II/V16371749Delay Linesafrtc
TAB14017370066coax line driversms
TAU729V13701292 way inverter #2afrtc
TBG14011370296oscillator, 320kcsms
TBQ14011370295oscillator, 115kcsms
TBR14011370297oscillator, 360kcsms
TBS14011370298oscillator, 667kcsms
TBV14011370299oscillator, 1mcsms
TDC14011370401oscillator, 6.67kcsms
TDD14011370400oscillator, 115kcsms
TDE14011370399oscillator, 2409kcsms
TDF14011370398oscillator, 320kcsms
TDG14011370397oscillator, 360kcsms
TDH14011370396oscillator, 667kcsms
TDK14011370551oscillator, 1mcsms
TFM14011370818oscillator, 960kcsms
WB729V13371880relay driver, 2.5Ampafrtc
WL14016371898sense amp #2sms
WV14031371886in printersms
WW14031371885in printersms
WX140131371899sense amp #1sms
YAW729V2370452AC Photoamplifierafrtc
YBY14017370417sense amp filtersms
YCA14011370419sense amp clip levelsms
YCB14011370420sense amp selectsms
YCC140114370421detector integratorsms
YEU729V2370668Write current balanceafrtc
YJF729V1370827PS cardhwck
YGA02A51370575PS crowbar cardhwck
YGL02A51370612PS regulator cardhwck
YHM729V1370701resistor and suppressorafrtc
YV729II1371921PS cardhwck
YW729II1371920PS cardhwck
ZKV14011372687delay circuitsms

There are some cards in stock that do not appear in ALD or known replacement. They are: CJ, CL, QV, DEH, YLA

There is a box that says NON-CPU, that contains cards:

Another NON-CPU box has MR, MN, JC, 5JXC, YYN, JGT, TFC, TAH, PK, PJ, PG, ZGS

More stragglers: YU, YW, QU

Wierd Stuff boxes yielded one new unknown card, YJG, and 4 needed hits: GK, TAB, TBR, TDK

Ed's SMS box added YJG, YKV, AXG