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Run Fortran From Cards

from Van Snyder, June 21, 2018

When I visited with the Fortran geezers, Mike Albaugh asked me to send
decks for the Fortran compiler.

The attachment has two sets, one for V3M0 and one for V3M4, which are
different versions of the compiler.




If you dare to punch them (more than 2200 cards for each version), put
the Fortran program between part1 and part2.

I tried it in SimH with Example 2 (also attached) from the manual
(C24-1455-2). It worked fine.


from Van Snyder, Nov 20, 2019, replying to Michael Albaugh
Ed Thelen is mentioned and responds

> Are you eager to punch 2200 cards? 
   Ed wanted to be able to run the compiler from cards,
   just to see them going through the card reader.

Guilty as charged, as usual -

Imagine explaining to your friends the tiny
   expensive core memory in the IBM 1401,
 compared with the almost free enormous memories available today (2019).

Then loading up that  impressive 1402 card reader hopper -
  Then the cards reading in short bursts - some 60 times -
     followed by a short burst of card punching -
Then explaining that they have just witnessed
   the only card to card Fortran compiler in the known world  ;-)
     Which used only 8,000 characters of core memory and no other storage.

I think that would be impressive and memorable  :-)

That a  small accounting machine, leased by a small engineering firm or college,
   could also compile and run Fortran.

The IBM sales force must have rubbed their hands with glee
   thinking of the new potential customers  !!

-Ed Thelen