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Picking up an IBM 1442
from Bob Rosenbloom's collection

February 4, 2012

Introducing Bob Rosenbloom and son Ryan
Table of Contents
- Background
- The "Pickers" arrive ;-))
- IBM 1442 is staying at Computer History Museum for a few days
- End of a long journey
- The IBM 1442 now works :-))
- Celebration cakes - Oct 2013

A year or so ago a computer collector in southern California decided to free up some space by unloading his IBM 1440 computer.

The Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA passed on this item (?enough of "our" IBM 1400 series already yet??), so the machine "found its way" to Center for Technology & Innovation 321 Water Street, Binghamton, NY 13901

Retired IBM people there restored the computer itself to functionality - but - there were no peripherals for it, such as card reader/punch, printer, ...

Robert Garner knows Bob Rosenbloom of a mountain top near Santa Cruz, CA. Bob is an "avid" collector of old computing equipment and electronic "artifacts" ;-)) His web site shows maybe 10% of his computer collection. "Mini" computers, Micro computers

Bob Rosenbloom has (now had) an IBM 1442 Card Reader/Punch suitable for hooking onto that Binghamton, NY IBM 1440 - but Bob wanted to trade his 1442 Reader/Punch for something else of interest. (This directory links to IBM 1442 reference documents.)

However, for good will, and I presume "consideration", Bob was induced to part with the 1442. Robert Garner has arranged for IBM to transport the machine to Binghamton.

The "Pickers" arrive ;-)) - Car Pooling ;-))
- Pickers - left to right - Ed Thelen, Don Luke, Frank King,
- (Robert Garner is hiding behind this camera)
- - Frank brought his trailer and was the get-away driver.
- to the right, the IBM 1442 Card Reader/Punch & host Bob Rosenbloom.
While Bob Rosenbloom (left) shows Robert Garner some of his analog computer toys, the "Pickers" in the background are preparing to grab the IBM 1442 and run.
Bob says his serious analog machines are right around the corner. There is so much to see.
OH - good grief - more analog computers, and most of his stuff is digital technology !!
A cargo container containing memory tubes and fancy vacuum tubes to make characters, before semiconductor character generator chips. Strange things - unreal -

Ryan Rosenbloom is examining a thick printout - "listing" -
AH - those were the days - well, maybe not !! ;-))

Rob Rosenbloom (on knees) is helping keep those little wiggly wheels on the two ramp boards. Don Luke works the other side.
Robert Garner is hidden again - pushing from the rear.
The winch Frank is working is called a "come-along".
Ah - There is Robert, a controlled push over the hump.
Almost ready to roll - Note the wrapping and top padding. Frank added some wind dampers to the big cross straps and some bungie cords to hold down the front top padding.
This must be a favorite "Photo OP", analog front panels on left, digital on right

Bob Rosenbloom is such a good sport !! Here he is, smiling as we leave -
- Or is he that glad to get rid of us ??? ;-))

We had lunch at a Mexican diner in Felton. Then on to the Computer History Museum.

The IBM 1442 is staying at Computer History Museum for a few days until IBM Transportation moves it to Binghamton, NY

AH - We are at Computer History Museum, loading dock, Saturday busy afternoon!! Some big event. We get our turn at a side ramp. Two young guys look at us old guys, and offer to help :-))
AH - Look, Robert in the thick of the action.
Up the IBM 1442 goes, to temporary storage.
Robert and Frank flanking, Jaime Bello of CHM is pushing.

And look who is giving the thumbs up ;-))
Too bad I didn't get the young guy's names :-))

On March 7th, 2012, the IBM contract carrier picked up the 1442 from the Computer History Museum on the way to Center for Technology & Innovation 321 Water Street, Binghamton, NY 13901
Robert Garner sent this message and photo
"Your 1442 was picked up this morning
Frank [King] snapped this cell-phone pic this morning..."

End of a long journey
March 21, 2012 -
The following message and pictures (there were more) arrived from
S. I. Sherwood, Executive Director
Center for Technology & Innovation
321 Water St, Binghamton, NY 13901

Future home of TechWorks! museum

March 2012 - Another milestone for CT&I's IBM 1440 project.

Donated to CT&I from the mountains of California by Bob Rosenbloom under the guidance of Robert Garner, IBM Almaden Research Center, one of three known IBM 1442 Card Readers in existence was delivered to the TechWorks! Prototype Workshop last week. The device was designed by IBM San Jose in the late 1950s, per Don Rex, IBM Fellow. Don's 1442 team was building IBM's last card handling equipment while down the hall the magnetic disk drive was being developed. Per Robert Garner, who works closely with the 1401 restoration project team at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, the other two 1442 card reader punches are found at The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park, UK, and the, a group of private collectors and enthusiasts in Berkeley, CA.


The series of arrival shots are by Bill Green, IBM retiree, ... the shots with people or close up of mechanisms are by [Susan Sherwood]
The 1442 reader/punch with a computer console.. Bill Green, IBM retiree, and Bob Horan, Link Aviation retiree, discuss repair/replacement of damaged parts. Photo by by Mike Vanuga, IBM retiree.

The IBM 1442 now works :-))

November 17, 2012
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Celebration Cakes - October 9, 2013
Susan Sherwood sent us two cakes celebrating the happy event at Center for Technology & Innovation. These were created to "emulate" SMS cards ;-))
      Susan says "Note that the cakes come from 'Baked by Camille', whose mother, Marianne Ciotoli, worked on the IBM Endicott SMS line in the 1960s.

"component" side

Note the color coded resistor ;-))

"trace" side

Did you note the gold contacts?
A cake sent last year "disappeared" without a "trace" before reaching us :-((

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Updated Oct 13, 2013
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