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Ron's Challenge

                    PRIMARY POWER RAMBLINGS

Some progress has been made in spite of having 1401 logics and 1402 logics that don't agree. 
And neither agree with the machine.

262 and I have been laying down on the job a lot lately.
Most of our work has been on the bottom 12 inches of the 1402.
XYYXY                                  XX
13355 has been supplying 729 fodder to 54 for his ongoing Tesla Transmission research. 

Late in the day,three confused men,with about 100 years in the business,were able to take 
380v/3 phase/30a power;push it thru 2 transformers,several relays,and about 50 feet of wire 
to illuminate a 7 watt bulb at the 1401.

How's that for return on your PGE investment, Mike?
I have a new-found respect for Phase Sequence circuitry.

                                                                       YYY 0
                                                                       965 6.	10-13-04
         The names of the players have been 
         coded to protect the bewildered.

Ron's hint


1402 Card Reader Character Set
Suggested Reading Punch card