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Punched Card Data Processing Principles

distributed by IBM, Data Processing Division,
1961 - (the same year the 1401 was displacing much of this equipment)
IBM document numbers 320-143 through 320-149

Documents kindly lent!! ;-)) by Bill Worthington, (from his treasure trove?)

His e-mail to an unnamed party, but with considerable distribution.

unnamed party

I think you may need to take the IBM self-study course called Punched Card Data Processing Principles. There's a copy in the Museum's archives Bitsavers doesn't seem to have a copy. The course is broken into seven parts:

The IBM Card and Its Preparation - 1.4 megabytes
The IBM Sorter - 1.1 megabytes
The IBM Reproducer - 3.1 megabytes
The IBM Collator - 0.9 megabytes
The IBM Calculator - 2.7 megabytes
The IBM Accounting Machine - 2.3 megabytes
Other IBM Unit Record Machines - 1.9 megabytes

It was the self study course preparation I took when I joined IBM in 1964 and was a prerequisite for my initial formal training in a class called Basic Data Processing (BDP).


I (Ed Thelen) scanned the above documents and inserted the links and sizes of the .pdf files.