John Howard 1972 - 2009

IBM Advanced Systems Development Division 1972-1974
Logic design and programming in a Speech Synthesis group

IBM Components Division 1974-1983
Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuit chip and EDA tool Development

IBM Storage Products Division 1983-1987
Managed the development of the control unit product for the IBM 3390 high end disk system

Magnetic Storage Products - 3990 In foreground (RAMAC at CHM)

IBM Storage Products Division Headquarters 1987-1989
Program Manager of Hardware and Technology

IBM Storage Products Division 1989-1991
Program Manager Optical Storage Products & Technology

IBM Microelectronics Division 1991-1999
Manager of Western Region Marketing Support Center

General Manager Mass Storage Electronic Products Business Unit

Panasonic Semiconductor Development Company 1999-2002

Tridex Systems 2002-2003
Cofounder CEO Bio Sensor and Bio Informatics

Theranos 2003-2007
Founding Team Member Senior Vice President

PolyRemedy 2007-2009
Director of Engineering and Manufacturing
Robotic medical device that fabricated a custom wound dressing at the point of care
Start-up company with development models of essential components when I arrived