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A recollection by
Jack Palmer (John H.)
of the names of IBM personnel who, working in Time-Life building New York City,
planned and/or wrote the early general purpose programs for the IBM 1401.

Managers' names are included through the level that had responsibility for program specifications.

Attachment to "Early IBM 1401 General Purpose Programming" Dated:March 13, 2009

Dave Alcalay
1401 Simulator
Irene Auerbach

Fortran + ? Later married N. Richard Werthamer
Sam Codella
Samuel V. *

Art Fischer

Larry Foster
C. Lawrence
1401 Simulator
Julien Green

Lennie Haines
Leonard H.
Linda Heitner

Fortran, IOCS
Art Kasakove

Jack Laffan
John (?) C.(?)
1401 Simulator
Herb Lauring
Herbert E.
Dave Macklin
David Project Manager

Gary Mokotoff

SPS, Autocoder, Fortran
Ed Opengart
Edward S.
Jack Palmer
John H.
Frank Quigley
Frank M.

Note 1
Ken Ross
Kenneth G. *

Norbert Seif


Paulette Sicard

Later married Charles W. Tidd
Bernie Silkowitz
Bernard R. * RPG
Stan Smillie
Stanley F.
Bob Spitzner
Robert C. *

Lou Stabile
Louis *

Jim Toner
James W. * Sort
Marty Weitzman
Martin A.
John Wertheim

* Autocoder, ?
Arnie Wolf
Arnold S.
Barbara Wood
Barbara L.
John Wood
John W. *

* Moved to the
Endicott NY laboratory
in 1961

Note 1: Frank Quigley worked in Endicott, not NYC, but he did early planning work on the assembly program that came to be named 1401 SPS, and consulted with those in NYC who implemented it.