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Ralph Mork's 1967 oral history

with Larry Saphire

Ralph Mork was one of the IBM 1401 project managers.

For convienence, divided into three parts. OCRed for easier reading and much smaller files for easier downloading
Part Source .pdf version OCRed .html version
1 Part 1 3.5 MB Part 1 34 KB
2 Part 2 4.9 MB Part 2 48 KB
3 Part 3 4.9 MB Part 3 48 KB


  1. The original (OralHist_RMork_Part[n].pdf) transcriptions are not very purfekt. Many typing letter transpositions, such as "ieda" for "idea". Many of these have been "corrected".
  2. Optical Character Reconition (OCR) is an imperfect art. The user is sometimes confused how parts can get so wrong.
  3. I used a spell checker to try to dig out most of the errors - but sometimes this filter fails when a mistake generates another valid word.

Sources from Robert Garner
OCRed by Ed Thelen