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This page started August 2008
June 20131401 Demo Lab Renovation and Grand Opening
Nov 10, 2009 "Reunion & 50th Anniversary of the IBM 1401" at the CHM. Date seems to be firming up -
October 8, 2008 Shel Jacobs returns for a longer presentation about history of 1401 ??
September 10 12:30 pm, conf call with Chuck Branscomb, Larry Mork, Jim Ingram, Fran Underwood. ??
August 13, 2008 Conference call with Jim Ingram & Fran Underwood, Pictures of Jim with our 1401
June 25, 2008 lecture by Shel Jacobs, speaker phone with Fran Underwood
May 5, 2008 arrival of Connecticut 1401
April 28, 2008 CT 1401 extraction pics/report
- Pacific Power gives us reliable 50 Hz power
- DE 1401 core memory surgery by Bob Erickson
- Bob Erickson's 077 & 513 restoration highlights
- Bob Feretich's TAU emulator
- Stan Paddock's 026 punch unit

Visit by Jim Ingram Pictures of event

Great news! Last week I was able to reach Jim Ingram, 85, one of the original "band of three" Endicott engineers (Fran Underwood, Russ Rowley, and Jim Ingram) that Ralph Mork assembled in early 1957 to launch the SPACE (aka 1401) project. Jim is still living in Raleigh, NC and is cc'd on this message, . He and I spoke for some time about his lasting memories from the era. Jim managed the 1401 and 1402 CPU logic & circuit design teams (while Fran was the SPACE architect).



- Robert

p.s. I've also located and spoken with Ralph Mork, 90! He's living in Wilmington, NC and is cc'd on this email (via Gary Paige). He was just delighted that we're interested in his early history/stories. Ralph worked with the WWAM team and pulled together the 3-person design group in Endicott to explore using core memory for program store (instead of the WWAM's plugboard).

I've also located and spoken with Chuck Branscomb, 80! He's living in Carey, NC and is cc'd on this email. He was the overall 1401 program manager, responsible for the overall program of getting the 1401 designed and transferred to test & manufacturing, documentation, etc (all in record time). Jim reported to Chuck.

Jonie Dayger managed the 1403, but is deceased. Russ Rowley is also deceased.