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Numbers to Words in Icelandic

Converted into English alphabet by Van Snyder

Johann Gunnarsson, an ex IBM CE from Iceland, visited the 1401 room March 16, 2011. See blog at IBM 1401 Team at CHM. He brought a 9 page listing of an IBM 1401 numbers program - In the Icelandic language and Icelandic character set as adapted for the Icelandic 1403 printer chain. (There are more characters in the Icelandic language than fit onto the chain, so some unusual adaptations are necessary.)

A copy of Johann's listing (above) was sent to Van Snyder in Pasadena, California for his consideration.

Answers to various questions, and further information, April 5 & 8, 2011
  • p.s. What is the name of your program?

    "The name is TLUR I OR or TIO
    which means "Numbers in words" (according to Google Translate). "

  • Using the driver "LITIL RUTINA", the number is in 73-78, with pennies in 79-80. In the program as it arrived, this field has to be numeric. Blanks or zoned characters result in incorrect behavior.

  • I'm not an expert on Icelandic, but I think thorn is pronounced like "th" in "thin" and eth is pronounced like "th" in "this".

    He also told me that O umlaut is usually transliterated as OE. It's pronounced like "u" in fun, but with a bit longer duration than in English.

    is transliterated as AE. It's pronounced like the "I" in "I am."

  • This one accepts blanks in 73-80 and turns them into zeros. Zones are removed. So if you give ABCDE it sees 12345.

from Van Snyder - - Saturday, April 2, 2011

The SPS program from Iceland reads numbers and prints them as words in

When I transliterated the program, I had to use some substitutions
because I don't have an Icelandic "chain" for SimH, or ISO 10646
character support in my Autocoder:

thorn  -> P
eth  -> D
AE  -> A
O umlaut  -> O

So "thousand" comes out PUSUND instead of USUND.

I took the liberty to translate the initial comments instead of leaving
them in Icelandic. I left the rest of the comments in Icelandic.

There were penciled-in changes, so I added them to a newer version.

The original version didn't process blanks in the numeric input
properly, so in the second version I also changed the "little routine"
to use "add" instead of "move."

They both seem to work.


----------- the following April 8 ---------------

Here's how I ran it in SimH:

sim> at cdr Iceland-2.o
sim> at lpt Iceland-2.out      
sim> br 333
sim> b cdr
sim> det cdr
sim> at cdr
sim> nobr 333
sim> c
sim> q

Files for the second version of the program, which handles blanks in the input properly, are attached.