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IBM 1403 Restoration
Frank King's response to Henk Stegeman" < h.j.stegeman @ hccnet . nl >

October 2010

Hi Henk.

To try to answer the question.

"When restarting a 1403 after a long period, what are the do's and don't ? Hinta & tips ? What to checks etc."

What we did was,

The rest is, just find what is worn out and figure out how to replace it. I did eventually find the specifications on the hydraulic oil and bought some. We replaced the oil in both printers.

I will send you the specifications for the oil so you can purchase it locally. It didn't seem to help but I normally change the oil every 40 - 50 years whether it needs it or not. :-)

Both of our printers had lots of hours printing and significant wear. Maybe yours is in better shape.

I hope this helps.

Please keep us up to date with what you do and your experiences. All of us would love to read about your progress. Pictures would also be nice.

We are looking forward to your communications.

Frank King

Ed Thelen adds -

Frank didn't mention his:

- lots of "Tender Loving Care"
- stethoscope (to listen to sounds better)
- careful observation - one fan was wired to run backward, corrected
- dried up ribbons, re-oiled by Ron Williams
- ribbons from e-bay - dry after 40? years - re-oiled -