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IBM 729 Clutch disassembly.
Clutch shaft assembly provided by Allen Palmer, not sure which drive.
See email also dated 9/6/2005.
The following pictures were taken 9/6/2005 by Grant Saviers, Sony DSC-W1 5.1 mega pixels, fine jpg

Gear clutch driven plate, note small balls of metal adhered to the intermediate disk surface. Some corrosion is present. As removed and powder brushed off.

Gear clutch cover, inside surface. No wear but many small metal particles adhered. Brown is surface discoloration, no build up.

Cover plate, center clutch. Note severe wear from contacting the driven plate. Compare to gear clutch cover. Wear depth estimated at 0.030"

Driven plate, gear clutch. Note no wear on diameters adjacent to the shaft housing.

Driven plate, center clutch. Note severe wear from contacting the cover. It appears that this plate was offset by the coil note being fully set into its housing and the armature plate (held with 4 bolts) not fully seated. The coil mislocation appears to be a manufacturing defect.

Gear clutch driven plate. No wear but there are multiple small dings in the surface of unknown origin. Some small metal balls are present. Perhaps a small metal particle is loose in the powder and is making contact between the cover and this plate on occasion.

Slip rings, not sure which clutch. Both appear to be in excellent condition. Further disassembly requires mucking with the coil leads and I would not recommend it.

Gear clutch driven plate, closeup of dings.

Gear clutch on left, center clutch on right. Top is cover, center is criven plate, bottom is driver assembly. Center clutch driver assembly without powder (bottom right).

>Felt seals, left from gear clutch, right from center clutch. Material appears to be medium density wool felt.