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Elgar M1751

Three Elgar Model 1751s
with an Elgar Series 400V Power Line Monitor

Information and photos provided by Robert Garner, August 18, 2004

Maximum rated load - 5250 volt amps - 1750 va per phase

enough to run the 1401 w/o any tape units
Estimated availability in 1401 Room - 1st week in September.

"... this will be an IBM San Jose donation."


w Dave Bennet

Power Monitor

Elgar 1750

side view

This is the link to the Service Manual

The URL is

My (Ed Thelen's) comments on the above.

a) the manual is dated 1974
b) the 800 phone number is still answered by "Elgar Electronics"
c) each of the three model 1751s is 225 pounds
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