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1401 Project - Mailing Lists

from Robert Garner -
updated Jan 6, 2011 - removes
... updated Jan 14, 2021


I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone about how our 1401 email distribution lists are structured so messages can be appropriately addressed to their ~200 members.

Ed Thelen, 1401 website scribe, says
Unfortunately the CHM e-mail servers seem to change almost annually - URLs change -
- best e-mail Robert Garner to enter/change your access to a list of general or special interest.

Some folks are on multiple lists (founders + software, founders + team, etc.)

Etiquette: When you receive a message from one of these 1401 distribution lists, please do your fellow list members a favor and do not respond with a "reply all".

I'd like to encourage emails, but please keep the best list in mind. You can also send something to me or Ed Thelen first, if you're not sure what the broader interest might be.

We're always on the look out for any 1401 artifacts you might find around your house! We've recently received some great stuff -- marketing brooches, 1401 programs, films (French 1401 promotional film), etc -- from a Great Britain home cleaning out.

Best Wishes,

- Robert

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