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Core Stack Repair

from cctech Digest, Vol 87, Issue 2
Mon, Nov 01, 2010 10:00 am
Message # 3
jim s < >

I know that individual cores would simply stop functioning over time. I worked with a company in Santa Ana, Memtec, which repaired the Microdata and a few other local minicomputer companies core stacks, but mostly Microdata's because the principles in the company were ex Microdata field service.

I recall seeing one with the stack open and there was a small spot in the middle of the stack where they had clipped out the failing core from the three wires, extended (or rethreaded) the replacement back into the stack, and it stood maybe 1/2mm to 1/4mm out from the array. They had a dab of hotmelt or something on the rework since there were uninsulated welds where they did the splicing. (mind you very small welds).

A friend acquired their working microscope in the early 80's for a keepsake, and it was a large Nikon with binocular high eye relief eyepieces.

Microdata had two people who did corestack repair, and some of the stacks made in Puerto Rico came with repairs, especially in the 16k arrays. Microdata manufactured their own 16k core stack, but bought outside for the 8K's. I think the original 4k stacks they used were made by Dataram, I could look if anyone is interested.

This is our local 1401 Core Stack Repair.

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