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Continuing Engineering
Product changes after introduction

Page started June 11, 2009 - about 5 years after 1st IBM 1401 arrived for restoration

The letter to Robert Garner that inspired this page

----- Original Message ----- 
From: George R Ahearn 
To: Robert B Garner 
Cc: Ed Thelen 
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 4:56 PM
Subject: Re: fyi - Fran's recollections on enjoying his work...

> Robert:
>             In your notes of things to bring up with Fran:
>   We are wondering about the 'Sterling' feature of the 'Edit' instruction. 
> Was that designed by the Endicott engineers, 
>       or by some folks in the World Trade Corporation?

> George

Yes indeed !!   INDEED !!

Some of us were standing about, late in the day, chatting,
    and George brought these questions up -

Folks seemed to be very interested !!
Other questions bubbled up -
     There are so many interesting questions about the origins 
             and continuation engineering of the popular and 
      highly adapted (for better or worse  ;-)) IBM 1401
    some questions/comments included
         - the (field !!) upgrading of the timing in the 1402
              from mechanical "CB"s to "solar cell"
        - that infamous "OverLap" feature,
               also field upgradeable (almost ;-))
        - the printer buffer -

Then, generalizing, what about the whole business of continuing
    and manufacturing engineering including the above and
       - customer requests
       - added peripherals,   RAMAC (1405), memory (1406), serial (1407), ...
               and the tapes, and ...

I got to thinking of a web page giving the sequence of the enhancements
     and changes during the life of the 1401 product line.
We have been so fascinated with the origins and finding sources and people,
     that the product life may not be getting "equal time"   ;-))

Then there was a question of just how to gather and remember
      all these added questions.   
   So that you can ask Fran and the old timers.  
           -er-  the people involved with
                      product development and continuation.

Ron Williams mentioned that each machine has the list of
     changes. The ALDs for each machine are unique -
   There may be a list Field ("D" something List) for the
     field change kits.

By then the topics overwhelmed us (or at least me).
     We headed off to our various diners/dinners/suppers/TVs/ ... 

.Respectfully submitted by
   Ed Thelen - social secretary  ;-))

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