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Card Deck Usage and Comments

Deck Usage and Comments, if enhanced/different from Bill Selmeier's Log Sheet

From Van Snyder (July 6, & Sept 1, 2005)

Arnold told me that a notebook describing the purpose and usage of each
diagnostic program accompanied them.  Also instructions how to put them
onto tape and run them from tape.

I have disassembled 5030 and 5040, and reverse engineered 5040 a little
bit.  Here is my discovery about sense switches for 5040:

     * Sense switches:
     *  B: Tight loop for scoping
     *  C: Print correct results (errors are always printed).
     *  D: Repeat same record if on
     *  E: Halt on error if on
     *  F: Not used
     *  G: Repeat entire test if on