return to main page Updated August 8, 2004
Arnold Schweinsberg left us two signs that we have found so far -
Air from Germany :-))


The sign below, the original measuring about 11" wide and 30" long, was placed in the 1401 by Arnold Schweinsberg.

Arnold Schweinberg saved this working (when taken out of service 16 years ago) 1401 system in his garage in Germany.

We all thank him for his efforts.
Folks say that there are maybe three working 1401s in the world!!

When the 1401 system (with 1402, 1403, 1406, and 5 tape drives) is cleaned and prepared by local IBM experts, Arnold will fly from Germany to the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California to assist-in/supervise its return to service :-))

Do you have 1401-experts on board?
If not, here my suggestions:

Clean all mechanical parts from dirt
and rust.
control all fans for free running,
clean with a vacuumcleaner,
maybe oil the bearings,
run for test, single connect on 220V.

wash the printer-chain out with a mix
gasolin-oil 20:1 (IBM-oil #6).
the chain-oil is also IBM #6.
get some hydraulic-oil for 1403 (IBM ?)
and change it.
connect the cables to the units, also
the yellow-green groundcable.
you can run the 077, 083, 129.


power on the system.
blow out SMS-gates and relais-boxes.
remove SMS-cards.

Swing out more then 5-6 SMS-gates
on the 1401 on one side in time,
except you do this on both side.

Good success!

And best greatings