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Activity Report October 13, 2004

by Ed Thelen

List based on Robert Garner's published agenda

  1. Finish installing the 1402's new AC wiring (circuit breakers, contactor, and distribution block).
  2. Re-verify with the Megger that insulation resistance is OK. (On Saturday, with the AC wires disconnected from 1402 distribution block, it was showing ~100 Mohm, which is OK.)
  3. Disable loads/circuits in 1402, and if ready, power-on the 1402 (locally activating the contactor).
  4. Test the 1401 cable wiring with Megger, and, if we're ready, possibly apply power there too.
  5. Continue reforming/testing of 729 caps and test pwr supplies.
  6. Safety, safety, safety.

Getting ready for the day. [Left to right] Bob Erickson, Ron Williams & Robert Garner likely talking about reinstalling the cleaned, porcelain block with two terminals broken loose, no replacement in Visual Storage machine,
Crimping Eyelet - Lots and lots of details to help assure long term, safe running of our system. Robert Garner gives a *big* squeeze crimping an "eyelet" to the new 1401 power cable. (The elusive Allen Palmer is almost in the picture ;-))
The elusive Allen Palmer is caught outside of a 729 tape drive. He is shown in the required position for studying how to test a 729 power supply box, which is definitely heavier than a 60 pound sack of cement. The capacitors have already been checked. This unit outputs 7 voltages (up to 140 volts) and has lots of connections for external circuit breakers and jumpers of various sorts. Last week trying to remove this power supply from the 729 tape unit reduced three serious men into "The Three Stooges" ;-))
"Fire In The Hole" - a military phrase broadcast when preparing to fire on a rifle range. This is the first time power has been applied to this power supply in several decades. Dave Cortesi has more faith than Robert Garner? And again, the elusive Allen Palmer is almost in the picture ;-))
Reversing Phases
- well, something like that
- OK, so I'm faking it!!
OK wise guy! - you tell what they are doing!
First Twinkle - Ron Williams' little voltage checker plugged into the 1401 system 110 volt utility circuit. It does not sound like much, but at the end of a long day, it is 5:30, this is the first sign on life in the 1401 system in more than a decade. OK, All DC power supplies are turned "OFF" - but it took quite a bit to reach this point.
- The Elgar 50 Hz 3 phase unit secured, installed and connected.
- The 1402 power circuits restored to approximate factory configuration
- Nice new power cable and plug
- Three phase power in correct phasing
- A number of circuits, including "Emergency Power OFF" on the 1401 verified
Bob Erickson (left) and Ron Williams are tired but happy.

When commissioning a major telescope, there comes a time called "First Light" - when lots of things work fairly well, and a first image attempted.

Our project is not there yet - but a "twinkle" is a welcome visible sign of progress :-))