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Activity Report Bill Flora 10/25

Posted late 'cause I had an e-mail mix-up - Ed Thelen

It got too late to make a log entry in the 1402 log book. I had an appointment in Los Gatos that I had to keep. So I'm sending you this E-mail to let you know what I finished on Saturday.
This is for your information also.
1. I swapped the part we called the 1402-readflat. I cleaned up the bad one a little before putting it into the VS machine.
2. I swapped the reader jam switch assembly. The one wire is connected to that switch, the 2nd wire needs repaired before it can be connected. I was planning to bring some things from home to do that. The old assembly that is in the VS machine is so bad
you can't attach the wires to it.
3. I repaired a broken wire on the 1st reader brush assembly, and cleaned up that assembly to free up the bind that was there. 
Don you may want to swap the assembly with the VS machine. I told you that there is a quick disconnect problem. The problem is with the 2nd readbrush assembly in the German machine. I'm not sure we should replace one without the other, it may be alright to do that, but I'm not sure the brushes are the same. One machine has black contact rollers. the other doesn't.
I'll put this information into the 1402 log book the next time I get to the museum.
Bill Flora