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Activity Report - July 28, 2004 by Chuck Kantmann

Subject: Wednesday's gathering

Ed Thelen, Ron Williams, Frank King, Milt Thomas, Bill Flora, Donald Cull, Glenn Lea and Bob Erickson gathered today for another exercise in euphoria. Bob Erickson was introduced by Ron and his BIO [is on Ed's site now and contact info.]

Since Bill is still working his 'prime time' availability is limited. He would like to meet at 4PM or any Saturday. If you would wish to work with Bill on his 'pet' (1402) at those hours let him know and you can arrange to meet at the Museum.

Reminder to plug your hours into the system and a double reminder of the BBQ/PICNIC August 14th at 2PM.

The power supplies, 1401 and 1402 all received loving attention from the members present. Lots of cleaning, disassembly and checking was accomplished.

This schedule of meeting Wednesdays at 10AM is expected to continue. Next week I won't be available and Frank also will be gone.

Please have a great time.



Hi - I Ed Thelen will be there next Wednesday as usual - If you have trouble getting in my cell phone # is 1 510 828 7673. I think I will also leave a little push-to-talk radio phone by the door nearest the 1401.