Next gathering will be Wednesday 07/28/04 at 10AM.
Special congratulations are in order for Mr. Dan McGinnis. He was docenting today for the 1st time (right?) having successfully completed the requisite training.
The following were in attendance - Frank, Allen, Ron, Ed, LaFarr and Chuck. We have completed the following tasks -
a) remove the seven (DC) DC supplies from the 1401 
b) removed one DC supply from the 1402 - noted at least five (5) pitiful looking capacitors that will require replacing
c) removed bus bars for 24 capacitors for the 1402 as a prelim to cap reforming
d) confirmed that the 729 tape drives used different sized capstans to move the tape across the heads at the requisite speed   between the 50 cycle and 60 cycle machines - the mod IV drive has the spec that shows a faster tape speed but it's capstans are the identical size as the other models. We suspect that THIS model IV was not running up to it's posted speed
The mystery of the missing binders remains but I am, indeed, wealthier so that is a real plus.
Don't forget to log your hours. 
And the trivia of the day - Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the 1st walk on the moon. As an aid to remember the 3 names of the crew they have the same initials as the 1st 3 men on earth according to the Bible. Adam, Able and Cain.
Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins.  
As always, I accept full responsibility for omissions, spelling errors, grammar flaws and poor punctuation.