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Activity Report - August 11, 2004 by Chuck Kantmann

Subject: Wednesday's gathering

Attendees were Dan McGinnis, Bob Erickson, Don Cull, Allen Palmer, Ed Thelen, LaFarr Stuart, Ron Williams and myself.

Bob Shigemi also arrived and I took him for a little tour of the facility. The 360/91 console in the display area that came from SLAC was Bob's machine back in the late 60s. It was a chilled water pipelined number cruncher that was exceptionally fast running certain applications. We had hand keyed a loop of adding 1 to a register, compare with 10,000, branch back if not equal or go into a wait state if equal on the 360 systems. Models 30, 40, 44, 50, 65, 75 and 91. I don't recall the exact times but the 91 was in a wait state almost as soon as you released the start key. The model 30 was something like 4 minutes. A very impressive machine. Bob is moving to Arizona fairly soon so he opted to not join in all of the fun and frivolity.

The 1401 muffin fans on the gates were totally cleaned and tested with 110V. I think there were something like 16 of them and 1/2 were cleaned and tested last week. Looks like the power supplies are finished and can be re-inserted if none of the caps are going to be replaced. Looks like power pretty soon for that critter.

Frank toured Paul Pierce's museum facility in Portland and was most impressed with the sheer volume of equipment he has acquired. His 1406 was also crippled on his 1401 system. More about all of that at the next meeting from Frank.

Mary, if you can't attend the meeting on the 18th would you update me please with the copy doc status. Thanks.

The 729s were attended with many hands. Power supplies were removed for access to the caps and several were re-formed successfully utilizing Mr Ed's wonderful reform tool he built.

The next all status meeting is the 18th at 11AM. We can arrive early and do a mini rollup the sleeve period before the meeting.

Once again, a reminder to log your hours and the BBQ on Saturday the 14th at 14:01. What a clickish time.

Ed, please post this in the appropriate place. Thanks ever so much.


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Tektronix alive
after how many decades?
Fan cleaning and re-juvination seemed a major project. A little closer to the action. Detail Hemostat pulling stringy crud.
729 Power Supply Wiring 729 Power Supply Tagging 729 Power Supply Lifting Out 729 Power Supply Checking Capacitors


Hi - I Ed Thelen will be there next Wednesday as usual - If you have trouble getting in my cell phone # is 1 510 828 7673. I think I will also leave a little push-to-talk radio phone by the door nearest the 1401.