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A 1402 e-mails

Collected by Ed Thelen


Pictures of and comments about rust from Flora & Garner
Punch Feed mechanism from Robert Garner w/ picture

Robert Garner to Ed Thelen - August 23, 2004
Pictures of and comments about rust

Hi Ed!
Could you pls include the extra 3 photo's that Bill has below on the web site too!? You might rename them punchhopper-1, 2, 3,.
Next msg is my response to Bill's msg. (I really like his commitment to the project!)
- Robert
Begin forwarded message:
> From: "Bill Flora"
> Date: Sat Aug 21, 2004 10:02:44 AM US/Pacific
> To: "Robert Garner"
> Cc: , "Dag Spicer"
> Subject: Pics of proposed 1402 items to repair
> Robert,
> First let me say that the major item that needs repair was missed from the photos that you attached. The punch hopper assembly that has been removed from the 1402 in the computer raised floor area, was missing from the photos. That assembly is currently on the floor behind the air conditioning unit. I will attach some the photos that I took of that assembly. They are named MVC-001F, MVC-002F, and MVC-004F.
> 1. You can see from those photos that the main problem is rust and corrosion. Our hope was to replace that complete assembly with the one from Visible Storage. If the decision is to have Grant work on that unit to remove the rust and corrosion, we have a concern. If that unit is disassembled to perform the work, we need a plan on how we will retime the machine when he is through with his work. That is assuming that he needs to disassemble that unit to do the repair work. If we can just swap that complete unit with the one from Visible Storage, we won't have a timing problem.
> > 2.The photo named 1402-readflat, has a rust and corrosion problem also. Our hope was to just swap that plate with the one from the Visible Storage 1402. That plate can't be seen, when the switch assembly and bracket mentioned in item 3 below, is in place.
> 3. The 1402-readermech photo, shows a switch assembly and bracket that is designed to fit over the pervious plate. The switch is used to signal a reader jam condition when cards get jammed in that area. We want to swap that whole assembly with the one from the Visible Storage 1402. It can be swapped back at any time with no problem.
> 4. The 1402-readerblk photo shows rust on the right side. That right slider is also bent so that it binds. We hoped to exchange that unit with the one from Visible Storage. The wires disconnect at the three connectors you see on the unit, so that it can easily be put back in either machine.
> 5. The photo named 1402-punchunit is the complete punch assembly. I believe the plan is to replace it with the donated punch unit.

> Bill Flora
> ======================================================================= 
> ========================
> Don, Bill,
> Here are the pics of the 1402 items you're proposing to swap with same  
> in the Visible Storage 1402. (Or in the case of the punch unit, with  
> the one that was recently donated to the museum, per Allison.)
> Per discussion at our meeting today, plan was to write a short  
> description of what each is, what the repair would entail, risk of  
> proposed repair, etc., and send that to Dag, who would distribute for  
> blessing. Sounded like Grant was willing to do the work in his shop...

Robert Garner to Ed Thelen - August 26, 2004
Punch Feed mechanism
From Robert Garner
Hi Grant,
Your mechanical assessment/restoration plan for the 1402 punch feed unit sounds good to me.
Any comments/thoughts from 1402 folks (Bill, Don, Milt, etc.)?
Thx for the invitation to stop by your shop to help with this mechanical assessment and work. Folks are looking forward to checking out your machine shop!
- Robert
From Grant Saviers
Robert & I agreed that evaluating the bearings in one of the 1402 assemblies made sense, so I picked up the (what I will call) "card punch feed picker shaft and shoes" which is one shaft with two arms with captive bearings and two pick shoes with what appear to be carbide inserts offset by the (guess) thickness of one card, and the support bearings for each end of the shaft. The shoes are pretty rusty on top, but the functional surfaces look ok. The shaft is mildly rusty, but this has no impact on functionality.
My plan is as follows:
  • Photo assembly and details of bearings
  • Measure bearings and order replacements if they are stock sizes
  • Remove bearings and attempt to remove shields (metal) without damage (an iffy proposition)
  • Examine grease, photo if possible
  • Clean bearings and attempt a regrease and reassemble
  • Reassemble with refurb or new bearings
  • Measure carbide card pick pads, step size across the width (may be tough to fixture, but I'll give it a try)
  • lightly glass bead blast non functional surfaces of rusty parts, I won't remove the cam follower arms as I don't want to mess with the timing angles
  • measure and replace shaft end bearings (captive in flanged carrier with three mounting holes) note: I wasn't present for the disassembly so don't know function of one part - there are polymer sleeves in these end assemblies - does anybody know their function as they look not so good.??

Let me know if my understanding of what this is/how it works needs help. Comments and advice welcome, visitors also as I will work on this next week in my shop in east San Jose foothills. I'll set a time if there is interest.