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1402, Read Check Recovery
from Stan Paddock, August 2015

  1. When you get a card read error, the last card fed into the stacker bin caused the error.

  2. Remove the cards from the input hopper and close the gate.

  3. Put your fingers in front of the last card fed into the stacker bin.

  4. Press the Non Process Run Out (NPRO) button and catch the bad card along with the cards being fed from the machine.

  5. Press the check reset button on the 1401.

  6. The data from the bad card is still in memory.

  7. The next valid read will replace the bad data and the program will continue on.

  8. If it is determined that the card itself is the problem (two or more errors on the same card) copy the card on a keypunch and replace the offending card.

  9. Take the bad card or it's replacement in front of the last cards fed into the stacker bin.

  10. Put these cards in front of the rest of the deck and put them in the input hopper.

  11. Press START to restart the machine.