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A group of 1401 Product Brochures

As photographed by Robert Garner in IBM Archives, Fishkill (cleanroom), but moving to Poughkeepsie...
Courtesy of
Paul C. Lasewicz
IBM Corporate Archivist
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But what most people think of as history is its end product, myth."

E. L. Doctorow

P1060347-520-160-1401DP IBM 1401 Data Processing Systems
P1060350-R-25-4608-0-1401-G-CardSystem The IBM 1401 Model G Card Data Processing System
P1060355-xxx-xxx-1012-PaperTapePunch IBM 1012 tape punch enables IBM 1401 ...
P1060356-xxx-xxx-1401Aux-to-7xxx IBM 1401 as an Auxiliary to IBM 700-7000 Series Systems
P1060362-520-1363-RAMAC-1401 IBM RAMAC 1401
P1060366-xxx.xxxx-CardTapeRAMAC Card Tape RAMAC
P1060375-520-1465-AdditComponnets Additional Components for 1401 Systems
P1060381-1401-to-360-Mod20 IBM 1440/1401 to System/360 Model 20: Transition Without Reprogramming
P1060383-BondTradeAnalysis Your bond protfolio - can its yield be increased?
P1060388-1401-CanadianTradeShow IBM Scores Success at Business Show
P1060390-1401-CardCode IBM Card Code
P1060393-1401-Model-G The IBM 1401 G