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IBM 1401 ECO Cards

Robert Garner scanned some card forms (that were in the 1401 frame itself), below. He believes they could be a record of the 1401's "Engineering Change Orders" (ECO's), but not sure at all. They record events from Dec, 1963 to Dec, 1964.

Hallo!  Are these indeed a record of the 1401 CPU's ECO's?  If not, what?
Would you have an opportunity to translate the German?
Especially "Anderungsstand," which I couldn't find on any on-line 


- Robert
and we received the reply from Arnold and Rolf Schweinsberg
Aenderungsstand is "last level of alternation" at this time, 
   this is for a part number (Bauteilnummer).
This is not equal to any engineering change. 
   This seems not to be important for you.
Greetings from Arnold and Rolf
Ed questions - should "alternation" be "alteration"?? I am making that substitution (below, in italics) until corrected.

Translations (below) from German to English by Alex Bochannek, CHM Volunteer

The first image in the left column says:
Model    Machine-Number
Component-Number Complete(?)
Component-Number Previously(?)
Wiringlist   Countlist
Machine Wiring Set Number
Date  Issuer
On the right side, sideways:
Mechanic Assembly
Change status  Control-Number  Date
"last level of alteration"

Change status  Control-Number  Date
The second section is a bit harder. Best guesses and some literal translations here.
1. Winding Count
2. Winding Distance
3. Overlap of Windings
4. Windings with Isolations
5. Breakdown(?) test
6. Conductivity test
7. Tight wires
8. Wireguiding
9. Maximum wraps per pin

15. No rotated pins
16. Sticking out ends

Tool-Number  Wire  Method  Wrap

Accepted    Off Spec
Rejected    Date
Verified    Name

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