1401 Demonstration Assurance Program Description DRAFT


This program will provide the 1401 demonstrator a preliminary test

to assure that the demonstration package will run successfully.

It will test the card reader, punch, printer, tape and cpu. The tests

are not intensive but will insure the intended components at least

will function .

Program Preparation:

The test will be written in 1401 autocoder, assembled and tested using

ROPE. The source code and object code will be available on the 1401

web site. IBM 1401 Data Processing System Bulletin J24-1434-2 used

for reference.


The program is intended to run either before the demonstration attendees

are present or as a part of the demonstration itself.

Tests description:

A: Card reader.

Loading the program gives a good indication that the card reader and

some of the cpu is operational. Additionally one or more data cards, which

follow the program deck, will be read. The first data card is standard and is

used for the punch test. Other cards can follow and will be read and printed.

B: Punch

A simple 80 column test will be performed. The first required data

card to punched. The punched card and the data card are visually compared

to insure that the punch is operational.

C: Printer:

A skip to channel 12 will be performed, followed by a 132 character print line.

If data cards follow the first required card , they will be printed. each will be followed by single and double space command then a skip to channel 12.


The loader cards provide a simple test of main storage. Later versions of DAT may

include a more sophisticated test. The test for card reader validity contains add and

subtract commands. The program loader uses move, branch and set word mark commands. Other cpu tests may be added in later versions of DAT.

E: Tape:

Only tape unit 1 will be tested. The tape will be rewound, ten 80 character records

written, the unit rewound and the records read. The read data will be compared

with what was supposedly written. The tape rewound and tape unloaded.

F: Errors

There are two error possibilities. The first are processor errors and as far as DAT

is concerned the demonstrator will have to decide whether to continue.

Program initiated errors are those from tests made by the program. These will

result in halts with known storage locations, i.e. H 400. These halts will be

documented to allow the demonstrator to make decisions. For instance, if the punch

is not operating and the demo does not include the punch the halt can be ignored.

Program Initiation:

The demonstrator will either have his own copy of the program or obtain

the program from the demo room program archive. If using his own program

deck and data cards, he can proceed to program loading. If using the demo archive

deck, he should check the data cards to sure they are appropriate for his demo and

either substitute his own or use the ones supplied.