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CPU BRING UP   7-6-04

  1. Assume we will use 50Hz power from the 1402.

  2. Remove covers for accessability to power supplies cleaning and inspection.

  3. Inspect and clean all available areas. Note any missing or broken parts and asses its impact.

  4. Remove power supplies if possible to facilitate capacitor revival and power supply testing off line.

    • Take lots of notes, photos, and sketches.

    • As significant steps are taken,visit the "tour" 1401 to evaluate possibility of future power supply swaps.

  5. Test lamps, fans, temperature interlocks off line.

  6. Disconnect voltage lines from sensative areas such as memory drivers.

  7. When everyone is satisfied with the power supplies, reinstall and try a power up.
After all power is established,we can get into heavy stuff ---like   BRANCH TO 001.

Ron Williams