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Turn off CB-1 and CB-2 in the 1402, if they are present. (I don't think they are ).

Activate the EPO on the 1401 control panel.

Plug an indicator lamp in a convenience outlet.

Disconnect 30v (core) and 60v (1403 drivers).

Connect 1402 power cable to 50Hz supply and turn on CB-1,2 in 1402.

PSR (Phase Sequence Relay) in 1402 should pick.
If not, there is a phase problem. Power up will not proceed.
Should be no power at convenience outlets.

Reset EPO.

If PSR and core thermals (1401,1406) are "good",
convenience power will come up thru HD-8 in 1402.

Press 1401 Power On.

Pick Cont-1,2 Hold thru HD-4 in 1402.
HD-4 pick and hold thru six voltage sense relays and Power Off Sw. N/C in 1401,
which also picks and holds Hd-9 (60v thru 1403), HD-16 (30v thru 1406),
J (30v thru 1401).
If HD-4 does not hold, system will power down.

If all voltages are good, power should stay up.

Ron W. 9-23-04