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1401 Punched Card Inventory

From: Ronald Mak
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 7:13 PM
Subject: RE: Spreadsheet template for Software/Punch Card session today

Here's my inventory of the boxes of 1401 punched cards. Wherever I could, I put my translations of the German and French in square brackets. My German and French have gotten somewhat rusty by now, and the handwritten labels were often hard to decipher. I put descriptions in parentheses, so for example, (numbered data decks?) means decks of cards with handwritten numbers on top that appear to be data decks.

As we saw last week, many of the boxes are close to falling apart, and someone picking up a box carelessly will end up with a bad spill where it may then be impossible to put the cards back in order. I don't think the boxes should be handled or moved any more than necessary unless the cards are reboxed. Also, there were decks of cards held together by decaying rubber bands.

Several decks had rubber bands that have melted onto the cards.

Most of the card decks appear to be utility programs. I was hoping to find the operating system, the Autocoder assembler, and the FORTRAN compiler, but they weren't in the cards. Perhaps they're on magnetic tape?

I'll try to put together a list of the software that I think we'll need in order to conduct a class where students can keypunch and run their own short programs on the 1401 system.

-- Ron

Alex Bochannek's translation comments below already incorporated.

Line #
Box label Card labels of box contents
3 360 Tests
Stor. Lister
(numbered data decks?)
6 1401 Tests
Laderkarten für W505 [Loader cards for W505]
Doppeln u. Stanzen [Duplicating and Punching]
(data decks?)
10 Testkarten 0-9 usw [Test cards 0-9 etc.]
(data decks?)
12 Job's Trümpe L45
(numbered data decks?)
15 1401 Tests DFT3
Doppeln 80-80 [Duplicating 80-80]
DVS Briet 2.5.85 DVS likely "data management system"
Karten Drucken I 80-80 [Card Printing I 80-80]
Laden Bd-6 [Loader Bd-6]
DI 100
(data decks?)
23 IBH - Programme Sym
9000 Stacker select
Dump restor
W.G Sys. test
DVS sort
Listen nach Wunsch likely to mean custom reports.
DVS sort
DVS sort
(data decks?)
35 1401 CE Prog
1 Teil [Part 1]
2 Teil [Part 2]
Amerik. Marsch FC 1401[American March FC 1401]
Bl. Berg FC 1401 [Bl. Mountain FC 1401]
Musik: Beethoven G.te 1401
(data decks?)
42 Weiß blau [White blue]
(unpunched white and blue cards 
	each with handwritten template)
44 1401 Sort
1401 Sort 7 Reserve!
46 1401 Mannesmann Anlagenbau [Plant Construction]
(numbered data decks?)
1000 Speed Test
2020C 200C Vorschub neue Ausführung [Feed new execution]
3500 Read Punch Rel.
5504 Punch check plane
Rippel Punch/Read [Ripple]
53 Koch
DVS Sort
DVS Sort
Wahlweise [Optional]
Folge [Result]
(Two small magnetic tape reels:
	Tests 1401 DFT
67 Job - Contr 2
(numbered data decks?)
I.R.E. iT05G
Tape Reliab. 1T07A
Druckspeicher Laden [Print accumulator loader]
72 Steiker
9.  "Speicher" means memory (or storage). 
Anchors Away
DI 700
Speichertest [Accumulator test]
Diagn. Dump
Kurzprogr. [Short program]
Folge [Result] probably means sequence.  
Listen [Lists]
84 (unlabeled box)
Programme Technique 1401 Mettre #1 en 1252 
	[(French) Program Technique 1401 put #1 on 1252]
86 1401 Sort Reserve
Sort II
Steuerkarten [control cards]
Merge II
Steuerkarten [control cards]  
Tape - Dupl
Steuerkarten [control cards]
95 Lochkarten [Punched cards]
List 80/80
Godau I 80/80 
(unpunched cards)
99 (unlabeled box)
5000 Card to tape
T to tape/5020
T to pr
(numbered data decks?)

Alex Bochannek wrote:

> I looked the spreadsheet over and there isn't a whole lot there to 
> translate since most of the entries are acronyms. Nonetheless, here 
> are some comments:
> B6: "Ladenkarten" is probably a typo. It should read "Laderkarten" or 
> "Ladekarten" and that does mean loader cards
> A12: I am curious if it really says "Trümpe" since that would have to 
> be a proper noun for it to make sense.
> B16 (and others): DVS could mean "Datenverwaltungssystem" (data 
> management system)
> B30: "Listen nach Wunsch" is more likely to mean custom reports.
> A46: Mannesmann Anlagenbau was a process engineering firm. Not sure if 
> they actually also did construction, but with companies like 
> Mannesmann, who knows. They had so many subsidiaries.
> B70/B77: "Speicher" means memory (or storage). Accumulator is 
> "Akkumulator" (I know, not very imaginative, but then again, there 
> aren't too many words with two 'k' in German)
> B80: "Folge" in this context probably means sequence.
> B87 (and others): "Steuerkarten" are control cards.
> I think that's all I can offer for now. I wish I knew what "Steiker", 
> "Koch", and "Trümpe" meant since they are most likely proper names or 
> companies.
> Hope this helps,
> Alex.