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A sorted list of IBM 1401 documents
as of June 14, 2004

{AK} - Al Kossow has it on-line at http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/ibm/140x/
{VS} - Van Snyder has it on-line at http://www.bitsavers.org/1401/1401-docs.html

also 729 tape manual at http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/ibm/tape/223-6845_729_CEman_1959.pdf

1401-UT-026_TapeToPrntrPgm.pdf                      3.3M   {AK} 
1401-UT-028_TapeToCardPgm.pdf                       2.7M   {AK} 
1401_autocoderListing.pdf                          16.0M   {AK} 
1401_CE_Drws_1962.pdf                              27.6M   {AK} 
1401ReferenceCard.pdf                               370k   {AK} 
A22-0526-2_1410_PrincOps.pdf                       12.8M   {AK} 
A22-0526-3_1410_princOps.pdf                       13.8M   {AK} 
A22-0526_1410_princOpsMay63.pdf                    13.8M   {AK} 
A22-0530-1_1401_priorityFea.pdf                     795k   {AK} 
A22-1407-2_1410ref_Nov61.pdf                       17.0M   {AK} 
A22-6670_1410_1301disk.pdf                          2.2M   {AK} 
A22-6826-4_1410_biblio.pdf                          1.8M   {AK} 
A24-1401-1  IBM 1401 System Summary 1401-00                {VS}
A24-1401-1_1401_sysSummary.pdf                     13.6M   {AK} 
A24-1403-5  Reference Manual: IBM 1401 Data Processing System 
   (the one in my collection was a very poor-quality copy) {VS}
A24-1403-5_1401RefMan_Apr62.pdf                    21.0M   {AK} 
A24-1424-0_1401_OEMinfo.pdf                         2.3M   {AK} 
A24-1495-4_1401_biblio.pdf                          3.6M   {AK} 
A24-1496-1_1460_sysSummary.pdf                      8.3M   {AK} 
A24-3010-3_1488_tranCtlUnit.pdf                     3.9M   {AK} 
A24-3031-3_1447_console.pdf                         7.1M   {AK} 
A24-3067-1  System Operation Reference Manual 1401/1460-01   {VS}
A24-3067-2  System Operation Reference Manual 1401/1460-01   {VS}
A24-3067-2_1401_sysOper.pdf                         9.4M   {AK} 
A24-3068-1_1401_miscIOinstr.pdf                    11.4M   {AK} 
A24-3068-3  Miscellaneous Input/Output Instructions 1401/1460-01   {VS}
A24-3069-1_1401_tapeIOinstr.pdf                     2.4M   {AK} 
A24-3069-2  Tape Input/Output Instructions 1401/1460-01   {VS}
A24-3069-2_1401_tapeIOinstr.pdf                     3.6M   {AK} 
A24-3070-2  Disk Input/Output Instructions 1401/1460-01   {VS}
A24-3070-2_1401_diskIOinstr.pdf                     4.5M   {AK} 
A24-3071-2  Special Feature Instructions 1401/1460-01   {VS}
A24-3071-2_1401_specFeature.pdf                     6.1M   {AK} 
A24-3072-0  IBM 1402 Card Read-Punch 1402-03   {VS}
A24-3072-2_1402_rdrPunch.pdf                        2.7M   {AK} 
A24-3073-0  IBM 1403 Printer 1402-03   {VS}
A24-3116-0_1440ref_1963.pdf                         4.0M   {AK} 
A24-3144-2  IBM 1401 Data Processing System Operator's Guide 1401-01   {VS}
A24-3144-2_1401_operGuide.pdf                      27.4M   {AK} 
A24-3315-0  Custom Features for IBM 1401, 1440 and 1460 
                         Data Processing Systems GENL-13   {VS}
A24-3315-0_1401customFeatur.pdf                     1.4M   {AK} 
A26-5730-2_1443printer.pdf                          3.5M   {AK} 
A26-5991-0_1311diskDrive.pdf                        1.7M   {AK} 
AKB210_codeAndDelExtrPgm.pdf                        1.5M   {AK} 
C20-1601-5_1401_pgmCatalog.pdf                     12.6M   {AK} 
C20-1601-9_1401_pgmCatApr69.pdf                    11.7M   {AK} 
C20-1602-8_1410_pgmCatJun68.pdf                     4.3M   {AK} 
C24-1091-1  Programming for the IBM 1418 and 1428 Optical Readers 1401/1460-48   {VS}
C24-1420-4  Sort Programs for IBM 1401-1311 and 1460-1311: 
     Specifications and Operating Procedures: Sort 6 1401/1460-33  {VS} 
C24-1420-5_1401_sort6.pdf                           5.7M   {AK} 
C24-1455-2  Fortran Specifications and Operating Procedures: IBM 1401 1401-25   {VS}
C24-1455-2_1401_fortran.pdf                         4.8M   {AK} 
C24-1456-1_1401_sort7.pdf                           2.2M   {AK} 
C24-1462-2  Input/Output Control System (on Tape) 1401/1460-01   {VS}
C24-1462-3_1401_tapeIOCS.pdf                        3.9M   {AK} 
C24-1464-3_1401_fargo.pdf                           3.7M   {AK} 
C24-1480-0  IBM 1401 Symbolic Programs: SPS-1 and SPS-2: 
         Specifications and Operating Procedures 1401-21   {VS}
C24-1480-0_1401symbPgmSys.pdf                       3.2M   {AK} 
C24-1484-3_1401_utilPgms.pdf                        2.2M   {AK} 
C24-1489-3_diskIOCSspec.pdf                         6.4M   {AK} 
C24-1492-1  COBOL (on Tape) Specifications: IBM 1401 1401-24   {VS}
C24-1492-2_1401_tapeCobol.pdf                       3.8M   {AK} 
C24-1494-2  IBM 1401 Data Processing System Programmers' Guide: 
                                             Student Text  {VS}
C24-3012_1311_labelingPrcd.pdf                      237k   {AK} 
C24-3038-0_sort2timing.pdf                          951k   {AK} 
C24-3047-2_1460_IOCSspec.pdf                        160k   {AK} 
C24-3053-3_1401_merge6.pdf                          3.2M   {AK} 
C24-3105-3_1401_diskUtilPro.pdf                     2.1M   {AK} 
C24-3146-3  COBOL (on Tape) Operating Procedures: IBM 1401 1401-24   {VS}
C24-3146-3_1401_cobolOper.pdf                       2.3M   {AK} 
C24-3156-1_1401_120chrTapUt.pdf                     2.7M   {AK} 
C24-3166-1_1401_basic4kRPG.pdf                      4.1M   {AK} 
C24-3171-0  Basic Autocoder 4K for IBM 1401: 
                        Specifications ps.gz pdf 1401-22   {VS}
C24-3195-2_1401_autotest.pdf                        3.8M   {AK} 
C24-3242-2_dskCobolOp_Feb65.pdf                     4.3M   {AK} 
C24-3258-2  Autocoder (on Disk) Language Specifications GENL-22   {VS}
C24-3259-3_1401_diskAutocod.pdf                     5.2M   {AK} 
C24-3261-1_1401_diskRPG.pdf                        10.4M   {AK} 
C24-3267-0_4K_RPG_operProcd.pdf                     776k   {AK} 
C24-3273-0_120charTapLabels.pdf                     1.3M   {AK} 
C24-3298-0_1401_diskIOCSope.pdf                     677k   {AK} 
C24-3317-1  Sort 7: Specifications and Operating Procedures: 
           IBM 1401 and 1460, with N21-5051 1401/1460-33   {VS}
C24-3317-1_sort7spec.pdf                            4.4M   {AK} 
C24-3319-0  Autocoder (on Tape) Language Specifications and 
                       Operating Procedures 1401/1460-22   {VS}
C24-3319-0_1401_tapeAutocod.pdf                     5.2M   {AK} 
C24-3322-2  Fortran IV Language Specifications, Program Specifications, 
 and Operating Procedures: IBM 1401, 1440 and 1460 GENL-25   {VS}
C24-3322-2_fortranIVspec.pdf                        9.8M   {AK} 
C24-3324-1_merge7spec.pdf                           2.2M   {AK} 
C24-3334-0_1401_diskRPG.pdf                         1.9M   {AK} 
C24-3341-0_1041onlineTestin.pdf                     970k   {AK} 
C28-0251-0_1301_IOCS.pdf                            4.3M   {AK} 
C28-0278-1_1410_IOCSoper.pdf                        549k   {AK} 
C28-0278-1_1410iocsOper.pdf                         483k   {AK} 
C28-0286_1410_iocsIndepAsm.pdf                      658k   {AK} 
C28-0287-1_1410_osWith1301.pdf                      4.6M   {AK} 
C28-0304_1401_genSort1301.pdf                       7.2M   {AK} 
C28-0309-1_1410_autocoder.pdf                       4.6M   {AK} 
C28-0318-1_1410_OSconcepts.pdf                      1.2M   {AK} 
C28-0318-3_1410_basicConcep.pdf                     1.9M   {AK} 
C28-0319-1_1410systMonitor.pdf                      5.9M   {AK} 
C28-0319-4_1410_sysMonitor.pdf                      7.3M   {AK} 
C28-0321-1_1410teleProc.pdf                         2.6M   {AK} 
C28-0322-1_1410iocs.pdf                             5.9M   {AK} 
C28-0322-4_1410_basic_IOCS.pdf                      6.2M   {AK} 
C28-0323-1_1410randomSched.pdf                      2.3M   {AK} 
C28-0325-1_1410utilPgms.pdf                         208k   {AK} 
C28-0326-2_Autocoder.pdf                            7.0M   {AK} 
C28-0327-1_1410_Cobol.pdf                           3.6M   {AK} 
C28-0327-5_1410_Cobol.pdf                           4.5M   {AK} 
C28-0328-1_1410_Fortran.pdf                         3.7M   {AK} 
C28-0328-3_1410_Fortran.pdf                         4.5M   {AK} 
C28-0334-1_1410_IOCS.pdf                            4.4M   {AK} 
C28-0343_sortMerge12.pdf                            8.5M   {AK} 
C28-0351-5_1410_operGuide.pdf                       8.5M   {AK} 
C28-0352_1410sysgen.pdf                             5.8M   {AK} 
C28-0353-3_1410_utilPgms.pdf                        2.9M   {AK} 
C28-0353-5_1410_sysgen.pdf                          8.1M   {AK} 
C28-0354-2_tapeSort.pdf                            13.3M   {AK} 
C28-0404-1_1410_sort1301.pdf                       13.0M   {AK} 
C28-0405-2_1410_diskFileSys.pdf                     4.5M   {AK} 
C28-0541-1_1401_IOCSpgmg.pdf                        7.3M   {AK} 
D24-1401-1_Feb60_1401genInf.pdf                     9.1M   {AK} 
F20-0208  General Information Manual: IBM 1401 Data Processing System: 
           From Control Panel to Stored Program 
              (.zip of .jpg files [17 MB] or .pdf [42 MB])  {VS}
F20-0234-2  Auto-Test for IBM 1401: Specifications and 
                            Operating Procedures 1401-37   {VS}
F20-0234-2_1401_autotest.pdf                        2.8M   {AK} 
F20-208_1401_GenInfo1959.pdf                        2.7M   {AK} 
G22-6654_1410_pgmAdrClock.pdf                       130k   {AK} 
G24-1377-0_1401_dataFlow.pdf                        5.2M   {AK} 
G24-1446-0_1404_printer.pdf                         2.0M   {AK} 
G24-1477-0  1401 Data Processing System: 1401 Data Flow 
                            (mine is a poor-quality copy)  {VS}
G24-1477-0_1401_dataFlow.pdf                        5.6M   {AK} 
GA24-1495-6_1401-1460biblio.pdf                     2.9M   {AK} 
GA24-3073-8_1403_printer.pdf                        7.8M   {AK} 
H20-0129-1_1440_admTermSys.pdf                     1003k   {AK} 
H20-0177-0_1401_docAidsSys.pdf                      5.8M   {AK} 
H20-0185-1_1440_ATS_termOpe.pdf                     3.7M   {AK} 
H20-0207-0_1401_dataAnal_V2.pdf                     342k   {AK} 
H20-0214-0_1041_dataAnalSys.pdf                     6.3M   {AK} 
H20-0227-0_1440_ATS_console.pdf                     3.3M   {AK} 
H20-0228-0_1440_AdmTrmSys.pdf                       5.7M   {AK} 
IBM1401.1620696.indicators.pdf                      6.5M   {AK} 
IBM1401.G24-3319-0.pdf                              3.8M   {AK} 
J24-0209-2_1401_cardPgmg.pdf                        2.1M   {AK} 
J24-0215-2_cardTapeRPG.pdf                          6.7M   {AK} 
J24-1411-2_1401tapeUtil.pdf                         3.8M   {AK} 
J24-1422-1_1401sort1.pdf                            1.3M   {AK} 
J24-1428-2_multiTapeUtilPgm.pdf                     519k   {AK} 
J24-1434-2  1401 Data Processing System Bulletin: 
                               Autocoder for the IBM 1401  {VS}
J24-1434-2_autocoderSpec_61.pdf                     2.9M   {AK} 
J24-1468-1_1410fortran.pdf                          2.1M   {AK} 
J28-200-1_Jan60_1401asm.pdf                         1.6M   {AK} 
J29-209-1_1401pgms_Jun60.pdf                        2.1M   {AK} 
N20-1401-42_pubIndex_May67.pdf                      1.1M   {AK} 
N20-1401-48_pubIndex_Aug69.pdf                      1.1M   {AK} 
N20-1410-27_pubIndex_Aug68.pdf                      665k   {AK} 
N27-1269_C28-0328-3_update.pdf                      144k   {AK} 
N28-1069_1410autocoderJul63.pdf                     558k   {AK} 
N28-1077_1410monitorAug63.pdf                       2.6M   {AK} 
N28-1078_1410sysgenAug63.pdf                        406k   {AK} 
R29-0044-2_1401SPStraining.pdf                      2.7M   {AK} 
TIE4-0064_1401codingTechniq.pdf                     2.9M   {AK} 
TIE5-0021_1401pgmgTechni.pdf                        4.4M   {AK} 
TIE5-0057_tapeIOCSadvNotes.pdf                      1.1M   {AK} 
TIE6309-0164_1401binTblSrch.pdf                     1.1M   {AK} 
TIE6309-0235_1401pgmrsGuide.pdf                     1.1M   {AK} 
TIE6309-0453_1401coreStrech.pdf                     622k   {AK} 
TIE6404-0051_1401simulPgmg.pdf                      874k   {AK} 
X24-6447-5  IBM 1401 Data Processing System: Reference Card  {VS}
Z77-5054_tapeIOCStiming.pdf                         147k   {AK} 
Z77-6026_tapeIOCSpgmLab.pdf                         694k   {AK} 
Z77-8048_combiningCompilers.pdf                     293k   {AK}