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Stan's IBMPCKPInterface.xls - preliminary
Stan's Order Confirmation
Ed's Eds E-Mail

Stan's IBMPCKPInterface.xls - preliminary

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 8:10 PM
Subject: IBMPCKPInterface.xls

Interface design for IBM PC to IBM keypunch using the     
Measurement Computing USB-ERB24    USB-based 24 channel electromechanical relay interface 
Relay Common Normally Open Normally Closed  
1 P2 Left + punch magnet N/C  
2 P2 Left - punch magnet N/C  
3 P2 Left 0 punch magnet N/C  
4 P2 Left 1 punch magnet N/C  
5 P2 Left 2 punch magnet N/C  
6 P2 Left 3 punch magnet N/C  
7 P2 Left 4 punch magnet N/C  
8 P2 Left 5 punch magnet N/C  
9 P2 Left 6 punch magnet N/C  
10 P2 Left 7 punch magnet N/C  
11 P2 Left 8 punch magnet N/C  
12 P2 Left 9 punch magnet N/C  
13 P2 Left space punch magnet N/C  
14 P2 Left release relay (1) left contact N/C  
15 +5VDC Led 1  LEDS are optional  
16 +5VDC Led 2  
17 +5VDC Led 3  
18 +5VDC Led 4  
19 +5VDC Led 5  
20 +5VDC Led 6  
21 +5VDC Led 7  
22 +5VDC Led 8  
23 +5VDC Led 9  
24 +5VDC Led 10  

Stan's Order Confirmation

----- Original Message ----- 
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 7:12 PM
Subject: Measurement Computing Order Confirmation

> Hello Stan Paddock,
> Thank you for your recent order with Measurement Computing, Corp.
> This email contains information about your order. Please save this as your
> receipt.
> Your order number is: VVCDQ0TA6UX29GCELTF60BD8N0
> Items in stock ship within 2-3 days. A tracking number will be sent to
> your email upon shipment from our warehouse.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Stanley T Paddock
> 1937 Dandini Circle
> San Jose, CA 95128-3615
> Stan Paddock
> 1937 Dandini Circle
> San Jose, CA 95128-3615
> ---------------------------ORDER DETAILS------------------------------
> 1) USB-ERB24 USB-based 24 channel electromechanical relay interface
> Item Price: $299.00
> Quantity: 1
> Item Total: $299.00
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Subtotal: $299.00
> Taxes: $0.00
> Shipping: $15.50
> Order Total: $314.50
> --------------------------Customer Service----------------------------
> For questions about your order, please contact Customer Service at
> 508-946-5100 or email at
> To download the latest software and drivers for your Measurement Computing
> DAQ hardware please visit the following URL:
> For Technical Support please visit the following URL:
> or call 508-946-5100
> You may browse our knowledge base to view Frequently Asked Questions, or
> search for specific information at
> ------------------------Warranty Information--------------------------
> Lifetime Product Warranty
> Every Measurement Computing's product is warranted against defects in
> materials or workmanship for the life of the product, to the original
> purchaser. Any products found to be defective in material or workmanship
> will be repaired or replaced promptly.
> Lifetime Harsh Environment Warranty
> Any Measurement Computing's product which is damaged due to misuse may be
> replaced for only 50% of the current list price. I/O boards face some
> harsh environments, some harsher than the boards are designed to
> withstand. When that happens, just return the board with an order for its
> replacement at only 50% of the list price. Measurement Computing does not
> need to profit from your misfortune. We will also honor this warranty for
> any other manufacturer's board that we have a replacement for!
> Thank you,
> Customer Service
> Measurement Computing, Corp.
> 10 Commerce Way
> Norton, MA  02766

Ed's E-Mail 1401, keypunch, USB interface to PC, :-))

We have a rather pressing need for the ability to 
punch out the object decks from Ron's ROPE.
    Sending the files to Pennsylvania for punching isn't convenient  :-((

Stan Paddock now proposes using a USB commercial box 
      with lots of relays, 
so that an object deck can be punched directly from a PC
running ROPE - to a suitably equipped 026 key punch.
(He had a previous less conventional scheme with two printer ports
     which is difficult to configure.)

As stated in
he has located suitable contacts to bridge in parallel with his relays.

He does not currently plan to, nor is equipped to, read status from the 026.

This enables keypunching with an 026 with the following characteristics/instructions:
    1) The ROPE object file is scanned by Stan's pre-check software to assure
        that all the ASCII characters and symbols in it are punchable
        with existing 1401 punch codes.
    2) Plug the USB relay board into the PC
        it could even be the PC currently in the 1401 room.
    3) Plug the USB relay  board into a suitable plug
           in the specially adapted 026.
    4) Power up the 026, and put in enough cards, 
           - placing the AUTO FEED switch ON
          - set the PRINT switch ON so we can read the cards.
    5) Start Stan's 026 punch driver software
            (punch a test card?)
    6) Link to the ROPE object file and -
    6a)    suitable translation from ASCII => 1401 punch codes
               are sent to the Relay Board for each column
     6b) between columns, a suitable wait must be executed to 
               permit the column punch cycle to complete
     6c) when all the non-blank columns in the card image
           has been punched, a RELEASE is executed.
     6d) execute a suitable wait for any remaining columns
               to be skipped, and a full AUTO FEED cycle to complete
     6e) if another card is to be punched, GOTO 6a) above.
     7) the software informs when done, operator clears the 026

    a) there is no jam or out-of-cards or ... sensing !!
           Therefore, the operator must attend the machine
             and pay active attention.
    b) removing the relay box plug from the 026
          leaves the 026 unchanged operationally
         The proposed changes only bridge 026 relay contacts
               with USB box relay contacts.
    c) the operator must not touch the 026 keyboard while
             the USB box is punching cards -
                 great confusion will be caused.


Stan tells me that  Alex has approved the modification of one
(unspecified) museum 026  for the above purpose 
as long as it is well documented, say on the web site.
(I imagine the museum will also make a less transient
   hard copy )


I asked Stan to order a suitable USB relay box - (about $300)
      - that there is a fund for such activities
      - and if that does work, I will pay for it.
Stan has ordered the box, and promised completion.
    (I think Stan said "Real Soon Now"  ;-)

Here's to good fortune/luck to us all
       Ed Thelen