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Special Features Installed
- just starting - not verified

also starting a list RFQs
(Request for Quotes) for special engineering
*not* installed on this machine - just for fun -

Please note:
this list is just starting, July 3, 2006, has not been discussed with the various group leaders

Feature Name Comments
added memory total 16,000 characters
sterling (British)  
overlap and what a problem that can be
STL (Selective Tape Lister) July 3, 2006 - John Van Gardner (living in Georgia) noted pictures of lot of red wiring on the 01A4 gate. "When I looked at the card side photo the cards in F05, F06, F07 & F08 look like they each have two large power transistors. There is also a cable with all red wires coming from the C26 socket. The power transistors could be used to pick magnets. The only feature I could think of was the STL (Selective Tape Lister). It is described on page I-62 of the 1401 Special Features manual A24-3071-2 which you have. It has 8 magnets to space the individual tapes. A lot of banks had this feature on their printers.

I looked at the 01A4 plug chart you posted on the web and it is like mine. Then I looked at page sheet 4 of 6. It shows the 1403 summary connector #2 and the wires used in the STL feature. They come from the 02B8-C02 connector. If the red cable goes to the 02B8 gate thats probably the STL feature. That feature should include ALD pages and "

?Remote Recycle Control box? July 3, 2006 - John Van Gardner noted: " Also attached is a scan of the ALD page which shows the Remote Recycle Control box. Note the 75 position connector. This is why I was asking about the connector that Bill Flora identified as the 1407 connector. The RRC connector was in the same area of the machine and also had a terminator plug. It was a good tool for trouble shooting bugs where the machine would not loop. I wonder if they had these in Germany."

a list RFQs
(Request for Quotes) for special engineering
*not* installed on this machine - just for fun -

One of the interesting (challenging) things about computers (or I imagine other expensive machines) is the response by manufacturers to provide support for "features" not in the current design of the - machine - being provided.

These are usually called by the generic name "RFQ" or "Request for Quote", a request for the manufacturer to provide a price quote on some unusual feature. Even if the new feature is quoted and sold to the customer it is called an "RFQ". Sometimes the "RFQ" gets quite popular, and may enter the standard product line.

This is the start of a list of RFQs for the 1401 system.

Two printers on one 1401 - an exchange with Van Gardner

Two printers on one 1401
He wrote the 1401 peripheral support program that drove 2 printers and the 1402 at full speed. When I told him I had written about him he said he still had card decks and listings from those days. I'll have to start working on him about those.
Two printers on a 1401 - what an engineering challenge !?! I'm more used to systems that had external device controllers and you just cabled them up to the existing data buss. The command to the controller included the starting memory address and they just hauled their own data out of memory.

How was it done on the 1401?
The dual printer 1401 was an RPQ Attachment. It consisted of a second print buffer gate mounted in a frame like the 1406. The second printer was attached to this frame. It was called a 1944 or 1924. I am not sure of which. A print command with a D Modifier character selected the second printer and it only took 2 ms to send the data to the buffer and from then on that printer was on its own. I'll have to see if John Malone still has any information on the RPQ.

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