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Result of typing H{elp} into SIMH 1401 simulator

To see what version
sim> show version
IBM 1401 simulator V3.3-1 [32b data, 32b addresses, no Ethernet]
sim> show version

sim> help
r{eset} {ALL|<device>} reset simulator
e{xamine} <list> examine menory or registers
ie{xamine} <list> interactive examine menory or registers
d{eposit} <list> <val> deposit in memory or registers
id{eposit} <list> deposit in memory or registers
ev{aluate} <expr> evaluate symbolic expression
ru{n} {new PC} reset and start simulation
go {new PC} start simulation
s{tep} {n} simulate n instructions
c{ont} continue simulation
b{oot} <unit> bootstrap unit
br{eak} <list> set breakpoints
nobr{eak} <list> clear breakpoints
at{tach} <unit> <file> attach file to simulated unit
det{ach} <unit> detach file frim simulated unit
as{sign} <device> <name> assign logical name for device
dea{ssign} <device> deassign logical name for device
sa{ve} <file> save simulator to file
rest{ore}|ge{t} <file> restore simulator from file
l{oad} <file> {<args>} load binary file
du{mp} <file> {<args>} dump binary file
exi{t}|q{uit}|by{e} exit from simulation
set console arg{,arg...} set console options
set <dev> OCT|DEC|HEX set device display radix
set <dev> ENABLED enable device
set <dev> DISABLED disable device
set <dev> DEBUG={arg} set device debug flags
set <dev> NODEBUG={arg} clear device debug flags
set <dev> arg{,arg...} set device parameters
set <unit> ENABLED enable unit
set <unit> DISABLED disable unit
set <unit> arg{,arg...} set unit parameters
sh{ow} br{eak} <list> show breakpoints on address list
sh{ow} con{figuration} show configuration
sh{ow} cons{ole} {arg} show console options
sh{ow} dev{ices} show devices
sh{ow} m{odifiers} show modifiers
sh{ow} n{ames} show logical names
sh{ow} q{ueue} show event queue
sh{ow} ti{me} show simulated time
sh{ow} ve{rsion} show simulator version
sh{ow} <dev> RADIX show device display radix
sh{ow} <dev> DEBUG show device debug flags
sh{ow} <dev> MODIFIERS show device modifiers
sh{ow} <dev> NAMES show device logical name
sh{ow} <dev> {arg,arg...} show device parameters
sh{ow} <unit> {arg,arg...} show unit parameters
do <file> {arg,arg...} process command file
echo <string> display
h{elp} type this message
h{elp} <command> type help for command
! execute local command interpreter
! <command> execute local host command