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Re-configure the primary power for 220v Delta.
Swap the Ferro ( which is already in question ) with the tour 1402 Ferro.
Swap the read and punch motors with the tour 1402.
Lab 1402 is now a 60Hz machine.

Swap the Ferro with the tour 1401 Ferro. The fans don't care.
The power supplies are adjustable,and were tested with 60Hz.
Lab 1401 is now a 60Hz machine.

Swap Carriage motor ( 1/3 Hp ) and Chain motor (very speed sensitive) .
If there are problems, swap T-Casting or entire 1403.
Lab 1403 is now a 60Hz machine.

Sharper minds would have to help me here;
but an E-Mail from Kantmann to Garner (6-16-04)
suggests that converting to 60Hz Is not prohibitive. Someone must have investigated.
Allen would stop beating us up about questionable power.

The 1406, at this point,is electrically transparent to the system.
Being able to use the 1406 is a long way off. Worry about it later.

* Virtually no cost or waiting time. * No converter/generator to fail.
* Single power source. * Less lab space. *Less operator training.
* Less power (way less) * No noise * No heat.
* Reduce the number of C8s
from 6 to 1.
* Less work for an electrician.

Contrary to perception,we're more efficient now than we were 4 months ago.
We know the primary power system pretty well now.
I think a few full work days, with good participation, could get It done.

Ron Williams 11-8-04