513 notes: 12/19/2007

Oil in drive housing – (gear case) viscosity must be correct – needs IBM 12, specs are:

“A high viscosity petroleum oil for use at high temperatures and heavy loads. Used for circulating oil systems and closed gear cases. Contains anti-oxidants, antifoaming agents and rust inhibitors, Flash point 500oF (260oF), Pour Point 15oF (-9oC).”





Temp Range oF (oC)


IBM Part No.





15 – 250

(-9 - 121)





The problem:

The 2 clutches, punch and read clutch, match up at a different time. The electric clutch on the outside has to be pulsed so that it will latch or unlatch at D on the index (13.5). The read clutch latches and unlatches at one tooth past 14, so if the machine doesn't coast to the right point – if it coasts past 13.5 - you will get an extra read cycle. This will cause a jam between the read brushes and the compare brushes.

Since we're using a more modern oil, we get an occasional jam because it coasts too far. Right now we are using Mag 1 High performance 80-90 gear lubricant, by Warren Performance, Omaha.

Current problem: Machine coasts too far when it is warm after a longer run of cards. This causes a card to buckle between the read brush roller and the read feed roller.

It does it more when the job runs out at the punch feed. We think this is because there are fewer gears following the punch feed than following the read feed.

runs out at read feed: stops at 1.5 teeth past 13; 13; etc.

runs out at punch feed: stops at 13.9; 13 (70 cards); 14 (100 cards); 14.5 (200 cards)

With the machine very warm, it can coast as far as 14.5, and any gear point higher than 9.5 will cause a jam/buckle.