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The German system is a time bomb:
by Ron Williams - 5-22-13
  • It has the wrong 1402.
    Solar vs. CB pulses, hand redrawn ALDs.
  • It has the wrong 1406
    Signals between the 1401 and the 1406 don't match
  • It has the wrong 1403
    1401 is featured for STL. 1403 is not.
  • It has a miss-mash of 729 models.
  • It has Process Overlap and Sterling.
  • It didn't even have a power cord in 2004.
It is a miracle that it powers up,
much less runs.

In its defense, the last year or so of CPU problems were of our hand:

  • Shorted SMS cards.
  • Replacing cards with untested cards.
  • Replacing with wrong type cards.
  • Plugging cards in wrong location.

Please Be Careful