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Free Lunch
Volunteer Day, Second Saturday


The Computer History Museum has a Volunteer Work Day most second Saturdays of the month - starting at 9:00 AM

Good News:
To encourage a big turnout, Jim Somers (Volunteer Program Manager) orders your choice of Togo's Sandwich or other portable item for you to eat at noon break. Menu is available in the 1401 Restoration Room.
Bad News:
Jim Somers needs to gather the order forms (available in the 1401 Restoration Room) or order lists at 10:00 to enable Togo's to complete the preparation and museum pickup and layout by 12:00


The order forms and order lists need to be complete by 10:00 - "Late arrivals" will be taking their chances on no " Togo's Free Lunch" and be restricted to cookies, salads, sodas, fruits, cakes, brownies, bagles, and what ever else providence provides.


  1. Arrive before 10:00 and fill out the order form - available in the 1401 room.
  2. E-mail Jim Somers (somers@computerhistory.org) with your order before say 9:00 AM Saturday.