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Can you imagine a magazine called The Fibonacci Quarterly, web site by your supermarket checkout stand - with all those "popular" magazines showing tanned half bare bossoms and whitened perfected teeth?

This issue has some interesting interesting material -

- an article by Donald Knuth of "The Art of Computer Programming" fame and friend/fellow of CHM
- an article by Emma Lehmer, wife of D. H. Lehmer who made several Factoring Machines.
and this article - permission to post here - about using an IBM 1401 to compute "The Golden Ratio" to 4599 decimal places - without special extended arithmetic subroutines ;-))


1st page

2nd page
followed by
way too many digits ;-))

Permission to post:

Dear Ed Thelen:

Thank you for requesting permission to post

- the cover of the April 1966 issue (Vol. 4, No. 2) of The Fibonacci Quarterly
- the six pages of the article
  "PHI, The Golden Ratio (to 4599 Decimal Places) and Fibonacci Numbers"
  by Murray Berg - starting at page 157

on your web site

You have our permission to use this material as you proposed.


Curtis Cooper, Editor
The Fibonacci Quarterly
Dept. of Math. & Comp. Sci.
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO  64093
email: cooper @ ucmo . edu

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