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From Robert Garner, 6/30/2007

I took some noise measurements last Weds of our 1403 chain printer:

With the 1403 cover closed, printing full-width lines, at 2 feet in front of the unit, the reading peaks about 85 dBA.

At 6 feet, the reading drops to a reading peak of about 82 dBA.

With the 1403 cover open, printing full-width lines, the reading peaks around 94 dBA.

For comparison, an 026 key punch unit reads about 80 dBA.

I use a CEM DT-805 meter, which their literature says conforms to IEC651 type 2, and ANSI S1.4 type 2, with frequencies between 31.5 Hz and 8 kHz, displayed in 0.1dB steps.

The measurements are 'A' weighted sound pressure levels, with 'slow' time weighting (1 sec).

- Robert

p.s. My understanding is that OSHA regulates that employers need to offer ear protection for 85 dbA or higher for 8 hours of exposure per day:

As I type this, I just heard some news on NPR that NYC is upgrading its noise ordinances. The reporter noted NY city traffic noise is about 85 dB.

The person who asked the question supplied the following (noisy) youtube links

Mainframe Computer Room - circa 1990
Impact printer similar to the 1403 - circa 1990

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