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Ron Williams'

1401 REPAIR QUIZ - Jan 2005
Reading ALD Hints - Nov 2012

The Quiz

  1. What is the basic cycle time of the 1401?

  2. What are the purposes of the Word Mark?

  3. How many instruction cycles are used? 2,3,4,5,6,8,9?

  4. What are the 4 main time divisions of a 1401 cycle:

  5. What is the purpose of Transfer Program Skip?

  6. What is a d-Modifier?

  7. Where is the next sequential instruction address held?

  8. What are the normal signal voltages?

  9. What is the direction of scan for a Clear Op?

  10. In a B cycle of a Move Op, where does inhibit data originate?

  11. Executing a Print Op., What address modification is used?

  12. Lacking a WM, what will cause an I/E change?

  13. Are you willing to work countless hours for no pay?

Reading ALD Hints

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